Friday, November 5, 2010

Show me the mommy!

I was complaining to my husband the other night that despite all my weight loss, I didn't feel like I looked a lot skinnier (he of course assured me that I did and of course that I always looked beautiful regardless - aw!). So I decided to play along with "Show me the mommy" today and dug up a picture from last year's trip to Hilton Head and the one from this year. Holy smokes! I'm glad I did it because I can totally see the difference.

To date (since April) I've lost more than 40 pounds. I'm thisclose to reaching my goal and lifetime member status at Weight Watchers. I still have a ways to go to stay motivated with exercise but I'm glad to have lost the weight I have and know that's it's made me a heck of a lot healthier.

Hilton Head, October 2009
Hilton Head, October 2010


barbashlack2 said...

Stacey - you look fabulous!!!!

Drew said...

Congrats! My Mom is a lifetime member and loves to break out that fact. I heard they will be adjusting the system soon... I hope to be as successful as you after #2 comes out!

Amanda said...

Congrats and I'm proud of you. You look great.

LauraC said...

That is a huge difference! You can really tell in your face!

Thanks for playing along, love to see all the moms instead of kids (I mean, I love the kid pics but love putting a face with a story)

T. said...

Stacey, you look fantastic!! Congrats!

Elizabeth said...

You look great. I'm just starting on the post-baby weight WW journey. I hope I'm just as successful! Congrats!