Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last day of Little Gym

This Saturday was our last Little Gym class. Starting next week Cameron and her BFF Holden will be taking swimming lessons together. I'm toying with the idea of bringing Cameron back to the Little Gym in the fall but it's pricey - about $20 a class. The MBA in me is impressed with the business model for that place. In comparison, it will cost me a total of $30 (including registration fee) for 8 weeks of swim lessons at the YMCA.

I really enjoyed our time at the Little Gym and was impressed with the equipment. Cameron loved all aspects of it and she definitely showed off for her daddy when he came to the last class with us. The Little Gym does a "graduation" at the end of each semester where families can come and see the progress the kids made. It gave me an opportunity to take some videos...something I haven't been doing a lot of. So enjoy!

Here Cameron shows off her skills at the balance beam.

She did great with a routine on the uneven parallel bars.

To cap it all off, they had a little medal ceremony. Cameron is napping with was a hit!


A. said...

Her capris are adorable - where'd you get them?

I think it's so cute the way she was so patient about being moved around like a claymation figure or something.

Nice videos!

Drew said...

She is so big, I can't get over it! I am looking forward to seeing her soon!

T. said...

$30 for eight weeks at the Y!?!? We just signed Caroline up at the local YMCA and it was $87 for just five weeks! And here I thought I was getting a deal...the Boston Sports Club was double. Maybe we need to move to Charlotte.