Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday updates

The most important news of the day is that I passed my glucose test with flying colors. Apparently I was 88 which is completely normal. Bring on the holiday food!

DH and I are very much suited in the sense that we are both very organized people and plan far ahead. We leave tomorrow on our long drive up to Massachusetts and we are basically ready to go even though we have 20 hours or so before we leave. All that's left is packing the car and the dog starts to freak out when that happens so DH will do it while I'm walking Charlie.

I know that once we have a baby we will be relying on our planning and organization skills even more. However, instead of having a couple of days to get things ready, we will only have an hour or two, potentially coupled with managing a fussy baby. But there is no way we are taking this trip up North again next year with a 8 month old. Shudder. Could you imagine?

In the meantime, I am anxiously waiting to be done with work for the next two weeks. Well, that's not entirely true. This week has been crazy and there have been big schedule changes on my project so I will likely have to do some work over my vacation. I'm trying to be as productive as possible today but the BigFinance VPN has decided it doesn't like me and kicks me off every 5 minutes. Does anyone remember how we got work done before email? I certainly don't...

I plan on posting while I'm traveling but probably not as regularly. I can't wait to see all of my friends and family for the last child-free (on my end anyway!) holiday season. I promise to post lots of pictures and tell you how DH does hanging out with Mommy, Esq.'s twins. I wonder how many people are going to tell me how "big" I look?


Natalie said...

okay, you can't just declare that you're not coming up for xmas next year. when you guys moved you kind of made a promise that you'd be here for holidays and you can't back out now! If Jon & Kate plus 8 can drive to disney, you can drive to Boston!!!!

Mommy, Esq. said...

You are ABSOLUTELY coming next year. 8 month old? Give me a break - so easy. You can just drive at night.

Helen said...

I was just going to promise that I wouldn't say you looked big, but apparently the consensus is that i have to give you a hard time about next Christmas.

Yeah, you're coming for Christmas in '09. You two (three) are full of it!