Saturday, July 31, 2010

Growing up

In the past week Cameron has shot up at least an inch. DH and I have both commented that we feel like we can actually see her growing. Aside from her gains in height, Cameron has also picked up a lot of new words. She's been saying Mama, Dada and uh-oh for quite some time. She's now added bye-bye, hi, more, ball, woof-woof, vroom-vroom and lee for Charlie. Cameron also calls Charlie woof-woof.

Cameron has gotten good at picking up after herself too. I credit daycare entirely for this one. If we're in a store and she picks something up I just tell her, "Cameron put that back" and she does! I have no doubt that this is just a phase but I'm glad of it. She also likes to imitate me while I'm doing chores. When folding laundry I take an article of clothing and snap out wrinkles before folding. Cameron will reach into the dryer and once she has a shirt or really anything she will attempt to do the same thing. Unfortunately this doesn't extend to actually folding the laundry but I can already see her doing her own clothes in a few years. Yeah, right.

DH and I were in stitches this morning with Cameron's dancing ability. I use the word dancing liberally. She likes to squat down and bounce a bit and sometimes throws arm movements in. It's absolutely hysterical.

I also saw my first example of Cameron engaging in imaginative play. We bought her this awesome KidKraft kitchen. It's not fully stocked yet but I put some cheap plastic bowls in one of the cabinets. Cameron took them out and pretended to eat out of them, complete with "yum" declarations.

Cameron has also learned (kind of) how to give kisses. She usually aims for the legs or a stuff animal. She's tried to kiss Charlie but he's a little wary of her still so he usually runs away. I kiss and hug her all the time so I'm excited she is close to being able to really return affection.


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I LOVED the video. Her dancing is hilarous!!!! We have that same ball popper and boy it gets quite annoying after 5 or 6 pushes!

Mommy, Esq. said...

I like the dancing! She seems to be trying to say "my turn" or something with the ball popper. Do they have one at daycare?

Donna said...

Cute little kitchen! Great photos!