Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vampire fever hits our household

No, I'm not talking about the latest vampire movie or TV show (although Vampire Diaries is fabulous and I highly recommend it), but rather Cameron's recent habit of biting every other kid in her daycare. I now have THAT child. In her defense Cameron is getting all 4 canines at the same time (one popped through, three more to go!). I've asked daycare to let her have her pacifier more often to avoid the number of "accident" reports going home with other kids.

Another big fun item is the continued hitting. We've started saying, "no hitting" and then "one" or "two" depending on the situation. We aren't doing time outs yet (more redirection or removal from the situation) but we're trying to lay the groundwork. It's super fun when she gets something taken away from her (for hitting usually) and then she throws herself down on the ground and screams and rolls and pounds her feet. Ah, the toddler time has hit our household hard!

Cameron loves to wear too big galoshes and whatever bib strikes her fancy. I have no doubt that she will want to dress up in my clothes, shoes and jewelry very soon.
Would you look at that hair? This child will not let me put anything in it. Even the teeny tiny elastic bands are no match for her questing hands. But I refuse to get a haircut. I'd rather wait it out.
DH taught Cameron how to put socks and shoes on her hands. Guess what she wants to do all the time now?
The fireplace is strictly off limits unless Cameron is sitting on it nicely. No standing or crawling aloud. I'm actually impressed at how she listens when we tell her "sit" if she starts to climb up on it.
Cameron's hair is tamed due to a bath. She is all dressed up before we went out to a BBQ with our neighbors.


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

She is so darn cute!! I love her messy hair! madison has started to shake her head no everytime I tell her NO NO NO! oh and arching her back and throwing tantrums is a daily things around here :)

Donna said...

I had THAT child so much so that the daycare I was at threatened to kick him out. I ended up removing him to a new daycare. But I have to tell you as a mommy to THAT child you should really start with time outs. DS1 was about the same age as Cameron when he started his foray into biting and it just got worse. We tried the pacifer, redirection, etc. Nothing worked but the time outs.

Danielle said...

She is super cute!!

Keep doing what you're doing. As much as it seems like you have "that" kid...TONS of kids do this. B had a brief biting phase and every kid has a hitting phase, it's part of learning.
I think the MOST important thing is that she does NOT get whatever it is that she wants to get out of the biting or hitting. If she learns that it doesn't work, she won't do it anymore. That's what worked for us.
B will still occasionally shove, but only if he's provoked. It's tough at his age because I want to teach him not hit, but I don't want him to be a total wimp and get pushed around either. Ah parenthood...