Monday, October 18, 2010

Researching cold weather activities

Every weekend it is the same story. What can we do with Cameron to keep her occupied and wear her out? I've been looking into a few options around Charlotte and stumbled across a place a few miles from our house called Monkey Joe's. It's $5.99 for Cameron, free for me and DH. There are toddler friendly sections. Here are some videos and photos from our trip there on Saturday.

One of the reasons I'm spending time researching cold weather activities is because it is hard to find places that are kid proofed, not too expensive and easy to get to. So for all of my Charlotte readers, if you have any other suggestions for activities/locations, please comment!

It took Cameron a while to figure out how to walk on the bouncy floor but she didn't seem to mind falling down all the time. A good thing because as a toddler, she falls constantly.

Cameron loves the slide!


LauraC said...

When my boys were 1, I used to do this big loop on Sunday mornings: Target (snacks and toy area), pet store (to see fish, cats, gerbils, and birds), then grocery store. It would fill up the whole morning, get my chores done and wear them out.

I've heard a lot of people take their kids to walk around Concord Mills. And I've been to the Charlotte library with the kids' play area, name escapes me now! Free and you can get library books.

And IKEA! They have cheap breakfasts and are super kid friendly.

Amanda said...

We love Ikea too. I'm glad you checked out Monkey Joe's I've been wondering if they are old enough to go. I'm going to hit up Gymboree I think and Mint Hill has a Little Gym. We are thinking about going to the transportation museum in salisbury (trains and such).

Donna said...

We also try and do free stuff as well - my sons love walks and we hike around on our property a lot (we have 6 acres and a very secluded street). Playdates are good as are trips to the library, pet stores (this is always loved). An indoor play area is always fun (we have one in our mall that is free). A co-worker just offered to allow us to bring our sons to see her horses - while not an indoor activity - it was fun and FREE!! Look around, talk about it - lots of people will bring ideas up and offer ideas as well