Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wrangling a toddler in Hilton Head

It's appropriate that we went to a farm and saw some tame animals while in Hilton Head visiting my parents. Because we have a wild animal on our hands lately! Cameron has entered the stubborn, whining, 5 AM wake up phase. And DH and I were sharing a room with her. At 5 AM on Friday I could hear Cameron saying, "All done, all done" for about 10 minutes. We ignored her and she did fall back asleep but this has been a pattern for the past 4 mornings. Not exactly something I was anticipating for a mini vacation in Hilton Head!

Growing up around a dog it's nice that Cameron has no fear of animals. She did get a little scared of the big horse. That was my fault as I showed her how to hold out her hand for the horse to sniff and it lipped at her hand looking for food. It didn't hurt her or anything but definitely scared her. I made her go back and pet the horse...the whole, "get back on the horse after you fall off" mentality.

We didn't realize that we could bring food with us to the petting zoo. A nice dad gave Cameron some carrots and she had no problem feeding the goats.
There was a tame deer wandering in the corridors that was a big hit with all the kids.
We attempted to recreate our family photo shoot from last year but a walking, talking toddler created a far different experience. We still got a few good shots in but there were a lot of deleted photos too.

Cameron loved the splash park area at the hotel. If you stand on the jet for a minute and then step away they would shot really far into the sky.
Besides feeding the animals, another first for Cameron was to get her own frozen drink from the bar pool. A virgin drink, of course, but never to early to start training her up! Right, Mom?
Cameron's shoe obsession continues unchecked. Here she tries on Grampy's shoes.
We didn't spend a lot of time at the beach because Cameron seems to really dislike sand. Especially wet sand.


Amanda said...

Looks like you had a great time despite the early wake ups. We feed goats at the state fair this weekend too and holden couldn't contain his excitement.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Wrangling a toddler is a very acute picture of how I feel right now :) Wild child! Totally jealous of your mini vacay :) Trust me I know how you feel about being woken up at 5 am, I wish Madi could have her own room when we traveled.

A. said...

Great pics, and you are looking good!

Natalie said...

can't believe how much she's growing up! What a nice trip it looks like you guys had.