Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday presents

Cameron got a lot of great presents for her second birthday. We ended up spacing out the gifts over a few days because there were so many. In fact, there are two presents still waiting in the hall closet. I figure we can keep them in reserve for when bribery is really necessary.

Here Cameron models her new hat and sweater knitted by her great-grandmother, Mimi. There are bunnies for buttons. So cute! Cameron is also modeling her "smile" when I ask to take her picture. I have a feeling that many of my pictures this year will involve an uncooperative child.
I saw this Elmo backpack and knew that Cameron would love it. My sister has written about her child's obsession with her backpack so I am not surprised that Cameron has followed suit.

A random cute shot of my munchkin!
We also got Cameron her first basketball hoop. It's one that will "grow" with her and it's a great outdoor activity for us as a family. Here Cameron practices her jump shot.
This video highlights everything that it means to be 2 years old. Listen for the "mine" the "no, no, no" and then the hysterical laughter. Plus DH got in a great shot.


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

haha! Love her smile!! Looks like she's lovin' all her gifts :) Madison is spoiled freaking rotten and I'm totally jealous of all the cool stuff she gets at only 2! :)

Drew said...

Happy Birthday! Joel too loves his Back Pack - and it is one of his favorite things to say! What is the maker of the basketball hoop?

Stacey said...

It's a Little Tykes hoop.

confused homemaker said...

I love the sweater/hat combo, she looks so cute with her smile. I also have an Elmo obsessed toddler.

Can you believe how fast 2 years has gone?

Happy Birthday to Miss Cameron :)