Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New job, new Cameron adventures, house painting, oh my!

I have been woefully remiss in posting lately and I apologize. The craziness of my life has resulted in a complete shutdown of functions in the evening. Wine also helps that.

About a week ago I started a new job at BigFinance. Unlike my past 3 roles (4 if you count my internship) this one is directly related to my most recent job. What that means is I have hit the ground running with no ramp up time and a crazy amount of deliverables due in a short amount of time. It’s nice to already know the key players and the priorities of the organization but expectations are high for me which is a lot of pressure. My commute time is up about 20 minutes a day (because of when I leave and how much farther my parking spot is) and my work hours are also creeping up. It’s making me feel a bit frazzled but I’m sure it will be the “new normal” soon enough.

We have eliminated the high chair from our kitchen. Yay! It was a monstrosity and a pain in the butt to clean. Cameron loves sitting at the table but keeps telling me “sit down” and patting the chair next to her while she’s eating. Usually I use her dinner time to pack my lunch or get ready for the next day. But it highlights my thinking that we are just a few weeks away from pushing back her bedtime and having a family dinner. The biggest hurdle to family dinner is that sometimes DH and I just punt and make our own meals (frozen for me, pizza for him). Plus, we usually don’t eat until 7 PM so it would be a bit of a scramble to get dinner on the table at 6:30 PM. But, the benefits of getting Cameron to try new foods and have family time should far outweigh the drawbacks. Plus it means buying a new kitchen set which makes me happy. Any recommendations for a round table that you love? Must seat up to 6, please!

Cameron is still afraid of the bath but it’s SLOWLY improving. I bought an Elmo bathmat and bath crayons and markers to try and minimize her adverse reactions. I can’t wait until she goes back to wallowing in the water and refusing to come out of the bath. As opposed to her current 3 minute soap her up, wash her off and get out routine. Any other bribery items you can recommend?

We are painting our house. DH really took the lead on this by getting 5 quotes and calling references. We ended up going with a smaller firm and supposedly they will be done early next week. Craziness! It was a good time (price wise) to get our house painted because it’s still early in the season and painters are hungry for work. The biggest pressure was picking new colors. Don’t worry, I’ll post before and after pictures once it’s complete.


LauraC said...

We got our round eat-in kitchen table at Crate and Barrel. Nice enough to look good but not so expensive that we were sad when the boys made the inevitable scratches and dents in it. Plus we used the chairs with boosters for a long time.

And congrats on the new job.

Drew said...

Oooh. Tell me more about booster seats. We have Joel just sitting in his high chair now and push him up to the bar, I would love to get him to our kitchen table before Deuce arrives. But we have nice kitchen chairs, do they make something to cover the chairs with? I guess I could figure this one out or just get over it and realize the chairs are gonners... We get most of our furniture from Jordan's, so I am not helpful there. I looked forever at Pottery Barn though, and was pleasantly surprised with their stuff. The only drawback is things can be really big, I am not sure how much space you have to work with. Good luck with your new job! Sounds very exciting! What will Cameron's bedtime be? When are we supposed to be pushing it back? I look to you for all advice!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Congrats on the the new job! No advice for bath time, Madison thinks it's a blast and takes her clothes off all the time wanting to take one. ha!