Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday Picture Post

As promised, here is a photo post from our Easter Sunday BBQ with friends.

I decided to go the toy route vs. candy for Cameron's Easter Basket. The Wal-Mart cheap toy section make that an easy decision. As you can see from the two pictures below, the bubble blowers were a big hit. Messy, but a hit.
DH attempts to explain to Cameron that you have to shut the fan off before you load it up with more soap. It was not a lesson that she or Holden appeared to internalize.
Cameron loved the concept of an Easter egg hunt. I ended up hiding her basket and eggs today because I just couldn't take another hunt. Twenty was my limit!
Tooling around in Holden's car. Chicks dig the cop cars.
Holden offers to take the empty to the recycling bin.


Amanda said...

Awesome photo :)

Donna said...

Very cute. We usually do a toy or two with a few candies. It works out better that way.

A. said...

I like Cameron's dress - where'd you get it? I suppose you'll say it was a consignment find... :-).