Thursday, April 21, 2011

The post where I tell you how much I hate sandboxes

As Cameron transitioned into her new 2 year old room she was also transitioned into a new playground. It is bigger with more equipment so initially I was happy with the change. Then Cameron started coming home covered in sand.

At first it was just in her shoes and encrusting her socks. She never complained about it so it usually wasn't until bedtime while removing said socks and shoes that the piles of sand were discovered. And scattered all over the changing pad, dresser and floor. Good times.

Monday was bath night. We usually only give Cameron a bath every other night (and sometimes stretch it to three) because 1.) I am lazy and 2.) there is still some lingering trauma from the pooping in the tub incident. She requires a lot of soothing and ignoring her "no, no, no" and "all done" comments so bath time is somewhat stressful for me. I stripped Cameron down for her bath, emptying out her socks and shoes of sand. When it came time to remove the diaper I found it to be absolutely filled with sand. It was stuck to every crevice of her bottom and made me very thankful that I had a full tub of water waiting.

I put Cameron in the tub and set to work removing all sand from her nooks and crannies. The only problem? Cameron was convinced that the sand coating the bottom of the tub was poop and she promptly freaked out. I kept reassuring her that it was sand and refused to let her leave the tub. Not only did I have to make sure all her girl parts were clean she had a ton of sand in her hair that was adhered to her scalp because of how sweaty she gets during play time outside. It required two hair washings (and Cameron hates to have her hair washed) and I still didn't get it all. The next morning I found sand in her bed and sleep sack (yes, we still use a sleep sack to avoid night time escapes).

I know that there is nothing daycare can do about this. I did complain about the sand filled diaper because I felt like someone should have caught that. But otherwise, if Cameron wants to roll around in the sand box, there is nothing I can do about it aside from refusing to ever install a sandbox in my yard. And to think this is a girl who refused to go to the beach this summer!


Amanda said...

baby powder. It will help get the sand off her before bath. Also, you might try a shower with a handheld attachment. Might make washing up easier.

Megan said...

Poor girl, who wants to sit in sand all day! I'm not a fan of sandboxes either, Madison loves them, but I can't take the mess in my house :) I already have enough to clean up!

Ellie's Mom said...

Like Amanda said... baby powder!!! My sister in law taught me that trick last summer and it works like a charm :)

Drew said...

Same thing happens to Joel Andrew! We now remove his shoes and socks in the garage when he gets home from school. As just after Mommy cleaned the house a few days ago, daddy removed sandy shoes and sand went all over the floor! Dad learned quickly... I have never heard of the diaper though?! Wow! They should change her after outside play.

I am bummed she is still upset about the tub. Joel Andrew has this dolphin shower head thing and seems to like it,

He stands in the tub now which is against all my philosophies but he loves the shower. ah, and to think it is only the start of spring!