Thursday, September 1, 2011

Karma or coincidence?

A few days ago I mentioned to my husband that I thought it was odd we had never been called for jury duty in the 4+ years we've lived in Charlotte. Particularly because we both regularly vote and I've heard that it is through voter registration that jury duty selection is made.

I got home from a run with my friend Amanda yesterday. As I sat down to chat with Cameron and DH he pointed to the kitchen counter.

"I blame you for this."

I got up to go and look. Yup, my husband has been summoned to jury duty on October 11th. Weird coincidence, right? Or is it?????

I've never served on a jury but my mom was on one years ago for a first degree murder trial. Most jury duty stuff tends to be boring but every once in a mom was even sequestered for a day or two! Have you ever been on jury duty? Was it boring or a good case? And what was the verdict?


Amanda said...

we have had 2 people in our office be summoned for grand jury in the last year. Every other week for 6 months to a year. I'm sure the company is thrilled about it.

LauraC said...

Same exact thing happened to us! I said it out loud then Jon got called to jury duty the following week. It was a car crash case with a back injury, so Jon mentioned he had back surgery thinking it would get him out of the jury. Wrong, he got picked for the jury.

I have only been called for jury duty once in Chicago. No jury.

Donna said...

For some strange reason my dad was always called for jury duty. Seriously it was weird. He was even on grand juries. I was called once but was told not to come when I confirmed I was in the middle of a case where I was suing someone (yes for a vet bill - their dog tried to eat my dog and I wanted them to pay the vet bill).

Chip said...

Actually, he most emotive part of your story is the part about 11 other poor bastards sequestered with your mother...oh, the horror!!!


Hope Jeremy gets something interesting!