Sunday, August 28, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011 - kicking ass and taking names

Approximately 6 months ago I was convinced to sign up for the Charlotte Warrior Dash by Laura Case. At the time it seemed like a good idea. I had almost reached my weight loss goal, I was running regularly and I was ready to take it to the next level. As the date approached I did as little as possible to educate myself about the race. Why? Mostly because I am a mind over matter kind of person but only if I don't know what that matter is until I approach it.

I sign up for the race with my friends, Amanda and Katie. As the race date approached we decided that we would stick together through the course to give each other encouragement. It wasn't about having a good time, it was about finishing the course and feeling good about ourselves. And it completely paid off! Well, except now I am sitting in a chair gingerly, attempting to not put weight on the massive number of bruises decorating my legs.

DH looked up a few details of the race earlier in the week including scrutinizing the course. He told me, "Stacey, this is totally not you." And I agree: it's not. But that was part of the whole challenge of it. It's no secret in my cadre of family and friends that I am about as far from an athletic person as you can get. The exercising I've done over the past two years is probably more than I've done in the rest of my life combined. I have practically no upper body strength and my flexibility is non-existent. But I was determined to do the Warrior Dash, completing every obstacle and finally putting to bed the fact that in elementary school I was in special gym for a few years. Hey, I was a premie born at 31 weeks, so hand eye coordination was something I developed later in life....not that I developed it that well as my ability to throw and catch can demonstrate.

We met up with Laura and some of her friends on race day. It was hot, humid and partly cloudy. No hurricane could save me from my commitment! And how was it? Completely and utterly awesome. We walked most of the course which was OK with me because I had to save massive amounts of energy for the obstacle portions of the race. That included:
  • Climbing 5 foot walls and ducking under 1 foot barriers (I'm sure there was a more graceful and less bruise inducing way of getting over walls but I threw my leg up and over which is why I have a line of bruises down the inside of each leg)
  • Running through tired and climbing in and out of dumpsters (yes they were empty)
  • Scaling a crazy balance beam contraption (a big thank you to Amanda for helping me across as I lack balancing skills)
  • Climbing a 11 foot wall with a rope and then scrambling down the back side. I will admit I'm particularly impressed with myself for doing this one with my lack of upper body strength and fear of heights. And I'm just as surprised as you at being able to complete it.
  • Scrambling in the dark on hands and knees about 100 yards.
  • Scaling and crossing a horizontal rope ladder. That one sucked the most I think.
  • Climbing scaffolding and sliding down a fireman's pole.
  • Walking through an algae infesting pond and over floating logs
  • Up another rope wall and down the other side
  • Jumping over fire
  • Crawling in a mud pit under barbed wire
  • Crossing the finish line
We finished at 1 hour 10 minutes and some seconds. And I don't think I've ever had such a feeling of accomplishment. I even include giving birth to Cameron in that list because I had a C section so I was kind of a passive participant in that event.

DH agreed that if I completed the race he would never mention special gym again in reference to my athletic abilities. And I think I have laid that ghost to rest, don't you?

Clean, pre-race
Meeting up with blog friend, Laura for the first time in real life.
Holding hands through the fire obstacle.Tired, dirty, sweaty and triumphant
So, what did you do this weekend?


Amanda said...

It was totally Awesome! Couldn't have done it without you girls

Anonymous said...

Wow! We're very impressed, and needless to say, very proud of you! Go, girl!!

Megan said...

That is so awesome, I'm so happy you tried something out of your comfort zone! I always feel better when I do :)

LauraC said...

I feel bad telling you no kneepads because my knees got the worst of it! Huge scratches everywhere from that mud pit.

It was great meeting you!

A. said...

I can't get over all the mud! Crazy! I think it's great you did it and finished - but I'm sorry to say that I don't think the special gym comments will ever go away (unfortunately - since I was in it, too!). It's too easy a target. But at least Jeremy's on board with never mentioning it again. That extends to your sisters, right? ;-)