Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall TV Shows (continued)

I have finally found my replacement for the X-Files and it is the awesome Fringe. So far it has the best of the X-Files with its creepy plotlines and mysterious Pattern. Will it be ruined like the last two seasons of the X-Files with revealing too much and contradicting itself in feature movies? I hope not but Fox has really struggled with the genre since its forays into Millenium and the Lone Gunmen. I think they should move it to Friday nights (Sunday would be better but they'll never break up the cartoon monopoly) because Tuesdays will be tough. At least its paired with the ratings grabber of House.

I'm on the fence about House this season. I was entertained by his hiring process (firing 36 people to get 3) but am hating the newbies. The best one, CTB, was killed off at the end of last season. I haven't cried that hard since Robert Sean Leonard killed himself in Dead Poets Society. I hope that the difficulty in the House/Wilson bromance will shake things up.

DH and I will also likely check out the cuteness of Eli Stone. I am worried for the show because it didn't have much competition with the lack of new episodes last spring. Anegline Jolie's ex is surprisingly endearing as Eli and his relationship with his brother is very realistic for TV. Sassy Admin can tone it down a little though.

Wednesday is the sacred night for Project Runway. I have been watching this show since the first episode and will willingingly follow it to it's new home at Lifetime. Unfortunately while I love that we had two seasons so close together, it has resulted in the worst group of contestants yet. I have full on hate for two designers in particular: Kenley and Suede. If I hear Suede refer to himself in the third person one more time I may just reach through the TV screen and rip his head off. As for Kenley, between her annoying laugh, over the top confidence and dismissiveness of Tim Gunn, I am actively rooting against her. If Jerrell (dispite his penchant for showing his man cleavage and awful taste in headware), Leanne and Koto don't make the final three I will have lost all confidence in the judges. Fotunately Heidi Klum Seal shares my hate of Kenley so we should be OK.

I also recommend Bones as an excellent Wednesday night TV option. I am surprised that it's on at 8 PM with the shocking amount of disgusting goriness they show but I love me some David Boreanaz. Who knew he'd be a much better as a comedic FBI agent than brooding vampire? I guess now that he can do scenes in daylight he's much happier.

I'll probably tape Private Practice but it had better get much better or I'm done. Pushing Daisies is my cutsie show of the moment but I have doubts it will last past this season. It's just a little too quirky for network TV.

A definite must that even DH loves is Dirty, Sexy, Money. It made the yummy Blair Underwood relevant again (although playing a scion may be beyond his acting skills) and you cannot turn away from a show that gave us chillax to use in our daily lexicon. I question casting Lucy Lui but she's excellent as an uber bitch so it will probably be OK.

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