Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall TV Shows (wrap up)

It seems so long ago that "Must Watch TV" created a monopoly for NBC, doesn't it? You know, I still watch Friends reruns and still LOL. Yes, really LOL. While I do enjoy How I Met Your Mother it doesn't have the same consistent funiness of Friends. That's probably why 99% of the shows I watch are dramas now.

Grey's Anatomy is still a must for me, especially now that Meredith and Derek are officially together and Shonda Rhimes has promised that while it won't be paradise, there will be no more Roses either. This is another show that DH watches with me. DH really wants Private Practice to fail and bring Addison back into the fold. I kind of agree but poor Tim Daly can't catch a break. It's one cancellation after another for that guy!

I will occassionally check in on Ugly Betty but to Helen's point in her post the show has lost a lot of flair for me. It was quirky and cute and now just plain annoying. But considering my DVR holds 80 hours of TV, it will probably stay on the list for now.

Friday is my geek night. Yes, I realize I am geeky all the time but I take it to extremes for TV. If there is a Stargate Atlantis on, I'll tape it. I'm looking forward to the new show with Amanda Tapping (who looks so different as a brunette!), Sanctuary.

While I was not happy to have the absolutely wonderful Joan of Arcadia cancelled for the Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle, Ghost Whisperer, I find myself enjoying the show. Yes, I know it was 3 years ago but I can hold a grudge! JLH can cry so prettily! And at the drop of a hat...I wonder where I can get those fake eyelashes. I have heard (spoiler!) that the powers that be are going to kill off her hot paramedic husband. I will not be happy if that's the case.

And finally, as Mommy, Esq, call it - Num-three-ers. Yes, I do like Num3ers. It was actually the first show that DH and I watched on our flat screen TV with kick ass surround sound. It has the best surround sound of any other show. Seriously.

Now that I have completed the rundown of my TV shows, what do you all like that I haven't considered? Odds are, I've probably watched at least one episode :-)

DH - now that you read how many shows you watch with me aren't you surprised you still have time for sports???

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Natalie said...

alrighty my friend, when it comes to tv suggestions, I'm full of reality fare. by the way, i'm sure you didn't keep up with Gone Country after I left you but I happened to catch the finale the other day and Sebastian Bach is the winner, what a high point in his career. Anyways, i'm totally back in love with Greys and can't believe i have to wait another week to see a new episode. Oh well, I'll find solace in watching the office which never ceases to make my laugh out loud in my living room. It kills me, honestly, it just kills me. I have to say i'm getting quite fond of Privileged and I'm hanging in there with 90210. I'm psyched Boston Legal is back and I've tried to give Raising the Bar on TNT a go as well, trying to see if Mark Paul Gossalear can bring back the magic he brought to saved by the bell. I'm just waiting to see if they bring screech back as a murderer that he has to defend. I watch private practice but admittedly only in order to see taye diggs because he's yummy!!! and for those reality fans out there, there's lots to choose from starting with th4e show you got me hooked on: project runway to top design and even the rachel zoe project has appeal every once in awhile. but the big show I'm psyched for is Desperate Housewives of Atlanta coming soon to Bravo. I've loved Orange County and especially NYC so I can't way for them to get to Hotlanta!