Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall TV Shows

Now that the Yankees have guaranteed that they won't be making the post season (sorry, honey!) that means I can wheedle my way into controlling the majority of TV watching...although my husband will tell you I do it regardless of the Yankees' chance to score a World Series ring. I have been a DVR fanatic for years since DH gifted me with the best Xmas present ever - a Tivo. Sadly the move to a house with legacy satellite and an older Tivo box meant that I had to give up the fun "booping" (if you have one you know what I mean!) and live with the not so great DVR provided by BigSatellite. But like the beloved Tivo I can record two shows at one time while watching another pre-recording one which allows for the potential to tape hours and hours of shows on the networks and major cable channels. So I decided to showcase, by night, what shows I watch and recommend. This is the first installment. Please don't judge on how much TV I watch. Yes, I know that will change once we have a kid (though I secretly hope it doesn't)!

Given that there is football all day and I have to keep DH happy, I don't get to watch a lot of TV on Sunday. I'm usually curled on the couch with a book while he yells at the TV and tells me how my FF team is doing. But, if I can sneak in during the hour break between games, I love watching, "My House is Worth What?" and "House Hunters". They have the benefit of being 30 minutes which translates into 15 minutes once you cut out the recap segments and the annoying overview of the aspiring homeowner.

I do record Gossip Girls for it's matinee showing at 6 PM. I can't record on Monday because of DH's requirements for MNF. Gossip Girls is totally awesome and feeds my need to see lots of pretty, rich people getting into crazy situations.

I'll probably record "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters" but I am not committed to those shows. More of a way to pass the time if I have nothing else to watch.

I have the issue of juggling TV recording with Monday Night Football. There is no way to record two things at one time and still sit through the game so I have to prioritize. Fortunately, DH loves "Heroes", "Boston Legal" and (wait for it) "How I Met Your Mother" so we watch those together later in the week. I am looking forward to the resurgence of "Heroes." All signs point to a much better season than last season. I have heard that they are bringing in another "Veronica Mars" alum which is fine by me! Too bad they've misused Kristen Bell so badly. Rent Season 1 of "Veronica Mars" if you don't believe me.

"How I Met Your Mother" is probably the most underrated comedy on TV. How is it possible that the smarminess of Charlie Sheen gets recognized with high ratings but the LOL lines that Neil Patrick Harris gets doesn't? I still laugh when I think about "Slap Bet" and "Slapsgiving" and the Price is Right episode. Pure comedy gold, people. Go out and rent the first few seasons and start watching this show now so it doesn't have to resort to any more cheap Britney Spears casting stunts.

This is the last season of "Boston Legal." It is also probably the last successful David E. Kelly show. Yes, I went there. For those who don't watch it, I am not surprised as it features actors "of a certain age." But the man love between Denny and Alan is a beautiful thing to watch. The show better go out with a final balcony scene or it will not be true to itself. Even DH wants to drink Scotch and smoke cigars when he sees Denny & Alan doing it. The plot lines are ludicrous and the "law" cases are pathetic but the actors are phenomenal.

OK...more to come later this week with other days. I reserve my right to add or delete shows based on the success of new ones. Thank goodness so few shows are premiering this year! It's a full time job, people. Now, how can I get paid for sitting on my ass watching TV???

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Helen said...

How I Met Your Mother is excellent-now I'm suffering the conflict of Gossip Girl, and yeah I'll admit it, Dancing with the Stars.

Have you guys watched The Big Bang Theory? OMG, hysterical!

Heroes- FRANCIS CAPRA- our VM friends will slowly take over, heh, heh, heh