Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary

June is a very busy anniversary season for my family. Grandparents, parents (both sets), aunts, uncles, siblings, the list goes on and on. Yesterday I wished my grandparents a happy 60th anniversary and realized that mine was the next day. Oops! I called DH and asked him if he remembered. Nope. Phew. At least I wasn't alone. Our gift to each other this year is to refinance the house. Yes, a very romantic 4th anniversary, I know.

Four years ago I was stressing about the weather. For days before the wedding I scanned weather reports and consulted the Farmer's Almanac. It was one of the rainiest summers in Massachusetts in decades. For basically the months of May and June it rained almost every single day. Talk about stressing a bride out when she's planning on an outdoor ceremony!

Finally I threw my stress to the wind and said, "whatever happens, happens." And guess what? It poured. But not until after we were married in the gardens and had all of the formal group shots taken. So it worked out perfectly.

We were married at the Harding Allen Estate which is in Barre, MA. Basically in the middle of nowhere! DH and I were living in Charlotte while I interned at BigFinance. Because I was in my first year of business school (aka Boot Camp as it's know at Darden) DH basically planned the whole wedding with my mother. By the end they were exchanging phone calls multiple times a day. I also discovered why people take a honeymoon right after the wedding. We were married on a Sunday. We took Friday and Monday off and were back at work on that Tuesday. I was exhausted all week! But we made up for it with a 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii during the winter break.

My dad gives the best toasts. Seriously, he's really good at it. The theme for his toast to us was welcoming DH into the family despite the fact that he is a Yankees fan. Dad even managed to put a Yankee hat on but also required DH to put on a Red Sox one. After all, fair is fair.

Our first dance was to "A Sunday Kind of Love" by Etta James. It was a painful process to pick a nice, short song. Neither of us are dancers and didn't take dance lessons. It was seriously the longest 3 minutes of my life. But we struggled through it just fine.

Happy anniversary to a wonderful husband and father! Here's hoping we live long enough to make it to our 60th wedding anniversary...only 56 years to go!


Natalie said...

congratulations! It was such a fun wedding and so cool to be a part of that beautiful day. I can still remember when he proposed to you in the pool!

Nicole S. said...

Happy Anniversary!! This June was our 4th as well and OMG the rain that year!! The day of our wedding (June 11th) was probably the first sunny day since May and I was teh same as you - frantically checking the forecast. The weather ended up being perfect but I did feel bad for the in-laws who cam ea week early to visit and see the city. They were soaked and cold and haven't been back since :(

BTW - I can't get over how much you look like your sister. Did you guys ever do that thing where you switched places to take tests or get out of trouble??

WorkingMom said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I believe that's the spring that friends in Seattle would call us and laugh - they had the good weather that we normally do ;-)

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Awww what a nice post! You were stunning on your wedding day!!!

Dawn said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you. I love your wedding dress. The ivory is gorgeous and not many people go that route.

P.S. Go Detroit Tigers. ;)