Sunday, June 20, 2010

The truth about toddlers

There has been a post going around comparing toddlers to teenagers. There are definitely similarities, particularly the destructive nature of both age groups. At least when you tell a teenager to stop doing something you are assured they understand what you are saying. They may not do it but they can comprehend what you're saying. Despite Cameron's advancements in understanding language we are lucky to have a 30% chance that she understands what we're saying and another 5% chance that she'll do what we ask.

Cameron is learning to walk backwards pretty well. A new trick is spinning in a circle while there is music playing. Two or three turns and she's pretty dizzy. It's a riot! When DH and I are sitting on the ground Cameron likes to walk over and turn around about 3 paces from where we are sitting and sit down thinking that she will land in our laps. So she's not so good at judging distances yet.

In terms of vocabulary we haven't heard new words. But we do have the fun experience of hearing her shriek with laughter. It's a little piercing and can quickly deteriorate into whining but it makes us laugh every time.

Cameron "reads" the newspaper. It really meant she went through the entire recycling bag and pulled out every single piece of paper.
We have entered the stage of book obsession. I actually have to hide her books sometimes to get Cameron to play with other toys! If we're lucky she'll let us read 1/2 of a book before pulling it away and demanding a different book.
Cameron is somewhat shy but now that we've been going to the splash park for a few weeks she is finally getting a handle on the fact that it is more fun to play in the water than next to it.
Cameron definitely doesn't like to get water in her eyes but she's learning to close them. Good progress!
Toddlers are also like teenagers in that they like to steal things. Most of the kids don't mind if Cameron picks up a toy lying on the ground. Sometimes they grab it away from her and then we get the nice new sound we are starting to dread: the screech/whine.

Toddlers have OCD tendencies. Cameron is absolutely obsessed with these galoshes. They are far too big for her but every time we leave the door to the mud room open she zips in to pull out her boots.
Cameron insists on immediately sitting down, removing whatever shoes she is currently wearing and whining until DH or I put the galoshes on her.
What are the odds that she'll actually want to use these when they fit and it's raining outside? Yeah, I wouldn't take those odds either.

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

LOL, yeah Madison throws tantrum like a teenager too! I love the rain boots, too cute!!!!