Monday, June 7, 2010

Photo Fun!

We had another great weekend which included a nice Mommy's day out for me going to lunch and seeing Wicked. If the show ever comes to your area I highly recommend it!

Now that we've joined the local community center we are determined to make the most of our monthly fee. I'm able to swim laps with Cameron in their daycare and then we hit the pool/splash park. Cameron appears to have regressed in swimming. She didn't close off (holding her breath and closing her eyes) like normal. I think that the chaos of the pool doesn't help either.

Cameron likes the splash park but spends more time hanging out by herself on the sidelines than running through the sprays. Put her in a chair and give her a bucket of water and she's happy as a clam!
Cameron literally sits on the sidelines. I was so hot I picked her up and ran with her through the water. I figured if I was hot she must be too!
Cameron likes to walk circles around the main splash equipment. DH is ever vigilant and tracks her constantly.
While DH may look drunk in this photo he's not. Doesn't Cameron look so cute in her top? It was one of the rare times she let me put her hair in a ponytail.
I bought Cameron this dress and after she started to walk around in it all I could think was how short it is! Trust me, Cameron won't be wearing stuff this short until after she's out of the house.
Cameron loves her Daddy!
Lately Cameron has been obsessed with bringing her blankie with her everywhere. And of course, she loves her binky! I'm toying with the idea of getting rid of them but given the fact that both DH and I were finger suckers I'd rather break her of the pacifier habit than have it take years to stop sucking her fingers. What? I think I was 7, that's not too bad....right?!?


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures!. . .thank you, thank you!and love to you all, Mimi

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Madi love the sidelines too at the splashpark. we just started swim lessons and she really loves it though! My hubs looks drunk in like half the pics I take of him! I'm like SMILE! :)

Jet Ski Grammy said...
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Jet Ski Grammy said...

adorable pictures...sitting with Josie in my arms