Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're off to see the center...

Well, OK, it doesn't quite work like "We're off to see the wizard," but DH and I are heading out to the hospital tonight to check out the maternity center. I'm not sure what they are going to do for an hour tour but I'm excited to see the set up. Apparently every labor room has a big tub, shower and plenty of space for hanging out. We will also stop by the nursery I'm sure so we can ooh and ahh over how tiny the babies are and how it's it now less than 7 weeks away for us!!!

The brochure also told us that we can only have a max of 4 other people in the room during delivery (including the significant other). Um, that kind of creeps me out. I was watching a Baby Story last night and some girl had her mother and grandmother with her! "Hi, Grandma, check me out giving birth!" Crazy... Relatives can come in after I'm all cleaned up and feeling a little more like myself. Not that we will have anyone with us unless I go 2+ weeks late and my mom is here. No offense, Mom, but if that's the case, I will have to kill someone.

Any particular questions I should come in asking? I'm more than happy to be that annoying person who asks all the questions and gets weird looks from other expectant parents.

I will try to get the American Idol recap up first thing Wednesday but if we get back late I may have to defer for a day. It's the Chair week, people! I love the Chair. And the elevator. And Simon saying, "I totally disagreed but I was outvoted, so you are in." But first up are more auditions to cut us down from 75 contestants to a manageable number for the Chair.


Danielle said...

You're getting so close! Do not pass out on the hospital tour...that's what I did. And everyone thought it was because I was afraid when it was just because it was hot and I was very pregnant.
Ask about monitoring - is it mandatory, can you have just 20 min out of every hour? Can you ask them not to use pitocin or can you delay the use of pitocin? Is IV port mandatory? At what point do you have to get an IV?
Oh and GET A PRIVATE ROOM! I did not and I really regretted it. It's worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

Do they have IBCLCs (board-certified lactation consultants) available 24 hours a day? (If you're planning to BF) Can you or DH stay with the baby at all times, during all newborn exams and procedures? (The answer should be yes... There is no reason why your child should be out of your sight at any time barring an emergency.) What is the policy on babies rooming-in? What is the policy on dads staying overnight?

Get the hospital consent forms and read them thoroughly before you sign and turn them in. Almost nothing is "mandatory" (even though they may try to tell you it is) because you have to give informed consent before having any medication, procedure, etc. However, if you sign the form as-is you're pretty much giving a blanket consent. Not that you can't revoke your consent if you change your mind, but so much easier to cross stuff out and initial on the form if you know you object to anything. I am admittedly very biased against hospitals in general. Sorry.