Friday, February 27, 2009

AI Season 8: Group B results

Ryan opens the show by recognizing the awesomeness that is Simon Cowell. Simon is modest and turns it back to the contestants in Group B. Ryan shows us a clip package of how all the contestants made it to Group B. We've seen the footage before, no need for me to recap it here.

We are "treated" to a group performance of Neo's "Closer" and it's as horrific as you would expect the group performance to be. Ryan spends another 5 minutes recapping last night's performances. You want the scoop? Read it here.

Allison is first up for the results and paired with Jesse and Matt. Randy predicts Allison will be moving on. He is correct.

Megan Corkery and Kris Allen are pulled on stage next. They are joined by Matt Girard and Jeanine. I predict Megan will move on but Kris is a cutie and he could pull out the tween vote. Paula thinks any of them could make it except for Jeanine. She is right and Jeanine is the first sent home followed by Matt. Kara talks for far too long about basically nothing. Simon razzes her and I'm in complete agreement. Kris Allen makes it to the Top 12. I'm a bit surprised but you really can't underestimate the tween vote.

So who is the final stool? Got to be Adam Lambert which means the guys could far outweigh the girls in the Top 12. That gives us 2 girls and 4 guys so far.

Brooke White comes on stage to perform. Last season I really liked her until she started talking back too much to the judges. Here's hoping she doesn't screw up and have to start over again. Simon would hate that. Seeing her perform makes me realize how crappy the contestants are so far. Of course, a lot of the contestants' progress is about building confidence in performing and we have many more weeks to get there.

Mishovanna, Kai, Nick, Jasmine and Adam are called out together on the stage. Ryan reads through their song selections and judges critique. Mishovanna, Kai and Jasmine are all out. That leaves us with Nick/Norman and Adam. How pissed would Adam be if Nick/Norman beats him? He might have a nervous break down. I'd be OK with that.

Unfortunately my wish isn't granted and Adam is through to the Top 12. Enjoy the next 6 days until the fiasco that is sure to be Group C. So Adam, Allison and Kris join Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver in the Top 12. I think that Anoop and Megan Corkery will be in the Wild Card race, but we have 2 weeks to find out. How are folks feeling about our Top 12 so far? Any surprises?

SJ out.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Here's how long it took me to watch the ONE HOUR results show - 10 mins. I stopped to see who was picked, listened to Brook White (was kind of meh on her performance/song). That's it. I SOOOOO hate all the filler. I'm going to stop watching results shows.

M. said...

I can't be the only Adam Lambert fan out there. I hate his "look", facial tics and over-the-top dramatics, but "Holy Steve Perry" his voice was rediculously good. He's going to absolutely rock the '80s power ballad theme show.

Jordan said...

I watched the results show in 3 minutes. Didn't even stop fast forwarding. I could tell who made it by seeing who sang. The results show is pointless. I hate the recapping. We JUST saw it LAST NIGHT!!! Whomever watches every minute of this show should be laid out to pasture.

They should at least cut it to a half-hour.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I'm sure when Jordan said he hates the recapping he didn't mean yours, Stacey. You rock. You watch so we don't have to.

Stacey said...

Thanks! I hope that's the case :-)