Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The great staycation experiment

Next week DH and I are taking a week off of work and staying home. It is the first time in our entire relationship that we are taking a vacation and not getting in a car or on an airplane to go some place. I am beyond excited!

Don't tell Cameron but I'm especially happy that she will be daycare for most (if not all) of the week. I've mentioned before that our two week vacation in Maine wasn't exactly relaxing for me since I was still on Mommy duty 24x7. And our weekends aren't the errand running days of pre-baby. I feel very much behind on personal things because I'm "trapped" at home for several hours a day due to Cameron's napping schedule. The napping schedule is sacrosanct so I make every effort to be home on time which means I have at most 3 hours to run errands with her and then squeeze in a few more during her naps (if DH is project-free and on Daddy duty).

Of course now DH and I have a list a mile long of things that we plan on getting done during our staycation. Part of me is happy and hopeful that the list can be completed. The other part of me also wishes for a couple of lazy days where I actually get to sleep in and wake up and not have to be Mommy right away. I thought when I started this post that I would feel guilty about being excited to have a break from both work and Cameron but there's nothing there. I guess even my mommy guilt is ready for a vacation!

Has anyone else taken a staycation? Were you able to get lots of things done or was there laziness too?


LauraC said...

I'm not counting our two day staycation since we ended up spending a half day getting the boys H1N1 shots. So no, I have never taken a staycation! Not enough vacation time with all the illness!

Helen said...

Might you spend part of the staycation addressing adorable Christmas cards that display the lovely Cameron? Come on now!

Working Mom said...

I hear you about the vacations away from home - moms never seem to get "time off". The very rare staycations I've taken have unfortunately always turned into Do-Everything-I-Haven't-Had-A-Chance-To-Get-To-cations, but getting things off your To-Do list has its own upside. Good luck with yours, and leave the guilt at the door - moms need to recharge their batteries too; it makes us better moms.

Sarah said...

With a 3 year old and 1 year old twins, we don't do vacations now. In August, the hubby and I took off a few days for our "staycation" and it was wonderful to get all those things done we normally don't have time for. Hope you enjoy your time home!