Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Making a list, checking it...crap, where did I put that list?

Is everyone else as shocked as I am that it's December already? Where the heck did November go? I guess I bagged it up with the dead leaves. But don't you worry, there are plenty more dead leaves still left to be raked into piles and stuffed into bags. Because nothing says December down South like raking leaves.

A couple of months ago DH and I decided we weren't going home for the holidays. I'll pause for your gasps of shock and disdain. Yes, we decided to deprive our child of her first Christmas with her extended family after a 1400 mile trip up North. And it has been the most relaxing and refreshing decision we've made in a very long time. In the past we've scrambled to get everything done a week before Christmas, pile in the car and make the LONG drive up to Massachusetts. Plus we end up taking two weeks off of work and not feeling like we had any kind of vacation. So this year we decided to bag it all and have our very own first family Christmas.

I'm especially excited because this will be the first time we've put up our very own Christmas tree! Yes, we are that pathetic couple that has glommed on to our families' decorated houses since 2002 as a way to fill the void of Christmas decorations. Sure I put up a few things here and there but a stocking and string of lights isn't very impressive. So for the first time in our 7 year relationship DH and I will get to decorate our very own Christmas tree.

Because we haven't done much in the way of local holiday cheer there are lots of things I need to buy. If only I had planned 11 months in advance I could have purchased all my holiday decorations at 60% off. With that in mind I am going to try and limit what I buy and try to stock up after the new year. But at a minimum we need:
  • A tree
  • Tree skirt & stand
  • Colored lights
  • Ornaments (to augment a small stash I already had)
  • Garlands
  • Stockings

Now if only I could get this motivate for family Christmas presents. Normally by now I have at least an idea of what to get people. But between work and Cameron I've got nada. Thank goodness for the Internet...


LauraC said...

You guys don't have curbside leaf pickup? Shocking. I think we would die if we had to bag everything. Instead we leave it in big piles at the curb and this crazy vacuum thing sucks it up and they turn it into mulch.

But I digress! We (whole family) are most likely taking a day trip to Charlotte over the holidays so let me know if you'd be interested in a meetup. Not sure on our plan yet as we're trying to coordinate different people coming in and out of state who are stopping by.

confused homemaker said...

I just wrote about how fast the time went by too, it's crazy! I also take the whole season of Advent to build up to having the house ready. Which means up to Christmas day to finish.

Anonymous said...

What's this about a "small stash". . .I feel insulted!. . .love you anyway. . Mimi

Mommy, Esq. said...

I feel like you would come if it weren't for the driving. I blame Charlie - can't you board him?

T. said...

I fully support the "making the holiday your own" thing - especially now that you have your own family. Good to start your own traditions. Enjoy!

Donna said...

I have to agree with you. I made a rule just a few years ago that the boys would always spend Christmas at home. Santa will come to our house. It was the best decision ever. I've told others that they are welcome to come to our house if they want. My in laws always make it the day after (or we go see them some time after). My family - different story - I haven't shared a Christmas with them since 2003. But as I said a different story. I think Christmas should be spent where you feel the most relaxed and happy.

Anonymous said...

Okay I haven't read the entire post because you had a glaring error in the first few sentenaces..big mistake...it is not 1400 miles to Andover and barring major issues...like stock car races ... it will only take you 12 hours/ because your father and I just did it two months ago..no more exaggerations for effect please