Sunday, December 27, 2009

Her royal whiny pants

DH and I have had a nice, quiet holiday season. We hosted some neighbors on Christmas Eve and went over to another neighbor's house for appetizers and wine on Christmas. We've also enjoyed a lot of quality time with Cameron which would have been a lot nicer except for one thing. She whines. Constantly.

If we are out and about then she is distracted by everything going on around her. But get Miss Cameron home and she starts whining. She has also decided that Mommy is the be all and end all. Not exactly fun for me! I can't figure out if she is trying to get to some new developmental place or if she is just going through a needy phase. Cameron is still commando crawling and has started standing a lot more (with our help) but doesn't seem to want to or need to make the leap to full on crawling or tentative steps.

We've been giving her a lot of finger foods but lately she has decided that she doesn't want to supplement with any jarred food. And of course she prefers the Cheerios and goldfish crackers to any other kind of food. If she's whining I can usually shut her up for a couple of minutes with some snacks.

She whines when she's crawling across the floor. She whines when I'm holding her. She whines when she's in her Pack 'N Play (we finally broke down and broke it out to help corral her). She whines as she's being rocked. Is it any wonder that I'm looking forward to work tomorrow?


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

omg I so glad you posted this! Madison is driving me CRAZY!!! She is constantly pulling at me to pick her up and then crying when I put her down. ugh. I WISH I was going to work tomorrow I need a baby break. :)

Mommy, Esq. said...

Ha, ha! You have to read this:

Ned whined ALL THE TIME. It will come and go.

Rebecca M. said...

Okay - I think you described Dominick to a T! They have the same birthday and it seams like they're keeping up with every little milestone. We call his crawl... "The wounded solder" full on commando style with no desire to get up on all fours. He LOVES to stand and is starting to pull himself up. And let's not forget about the wining! He went through a two week period when he would just wine, non stop! Thank goodness that's over. Cheerios always keep him happy. Right now Dominick asks me to pick him up, then he promptly turns around and squirms the other way. Hang in there - you're not alone!

Drew said...

oooh. we were planning on going to Hilton Head around 9 months... perhaps I shall postpone.