Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is there a child in that bed?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Cameron has been in a toddler bed since we returned from vacation. It was an easy transition for us since she got used to it at Grammy's house and she absolutely loves her "big girl" bed.

The only thing that has me scratching my head is how the removal of 1/3 of a rail has somehow resulted in the accumulation of objects in her bed that Nothing can be removed and every item must have it's special place before she is put into bed with a last kiss goodnight. I don't mind Cameron's OCD tendancies. Hell, I have a few myself! But I worry we are rapidly running out of room for her among all the stuff.

Here's what she is currently hoarding:

  • Two blankies (made curtesy of Mimi)
  • One lovie
  • 3 pacifiers (don't judge, she only gets them at home for sleeping)
  • 1 Raggedy Andy, 1 Raggedy Anne doll (handmade by a family friend)
  • Two stuff dogs (named Buddy and Doggie respectively)
  • A camo bracelet (one of those "Live Strong" type bracelets I got from work for a training bootcamp and I have no idea why she is obsessed with it)
  • A medal from her last day at Little Gym
  • One baby doll (named baby, natch)
  • A random McDonald's Happy Meal toy (BTW, what is up with paper bags instead of boxes for Happy Meals? Total rip off.)
  • Elmo doll
  • Elmo figure from her BFF Holden
  • Pillow
  • Big blanket

So far DH and I have just kind of rolled with it but I see that list in black and white and I kind of cringe a little. What things do your kids bring to bed? Are your lists as ridiculously long as ours? I will note that Cameron is content to stay in her bed playing until past 7 on weekends so perhaps there is a silver lining to this?


Amanda said...

Holden has 4 stuffed animals and 2 blankets in his bed with him. But his OCD includes having to turn on and off the night light and side table light, picking out his socks, and a whole routine of patting his head and rubbing his ear before I can leave the room

Megan said...

She just wants to feel secure in her bed surrounded by all her stuff :) Madi only wants a blanket and pillow, but she sweats like a crazy person when she sleeps!

A. said...

Yup, Lucy's list is just is long, but hers is variable - a few staples, but new random crap thrown in to change things up every night. Last night she slept with a pillow, 3 blankets, 2 baby dolls, her "ladybug girl" doll, a Hershey kiss stuffed thing-a-majig we got from Hershey park, a Curious George doll, one of her brother's stuffed frogs, and two sippy cups of water. And that's just what I can remember - I'm sure there was other stuff in there hiding amongst the blankets. Kids are natural hoarders!

T. said...

At what age can you put a pillow in the crib? C has been folding her bumper down and using it as a pillow, but I am hesitate to add an actual pillow for the climbing options that may result. She already has one blanket, one lovie, two stuffed animals and a Raggedy Ann doll.

Stacey said...

I put a pillow in Cameron's bed about 4 months ago but I know Allison gave Lucy one like a year ago.