Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hilton Head Trip - Picture Post

This post is really for the family, especially Mimi who has been demanding more pictures. This past weekend was our annual visit to Hilton Head. 2010 recap can be found here.

Cameron did very well with only a few temper tantrums and time outs. I attribute it to her desire to be good for her Grammy and Bumpa. They commented that she has exactly two volumes: mute or very, very loud. We had to keep reminding her that we were in a hotel and there were people trying to sleep.

This picture was taken at a horse farm. We were trying to convince her it was time to go and as you can see she wasn't buying it.
We had apples (even though the signs said not to bring in outside food) so this deer kept following us around. Cameron is oblivious as she munches away on a slice of apple that the deer is just dying to get.

We continued our tradition of a family photo shoot while on the beach. The light wasn't great and I'm kicking myself because I knew if we waited 30 minutes longer the sun would have cleared the horizon but we had dinner reservations to make. Next year....
I have had DH recreate this photo each year we've gone to Hilton Head with Cameron. What a difference 2 years makes!

A little squinty but a nice family photo.

Cameron is in that stage of not really smiling for pictures unless you can get her to say "cheese". Nonetheless I'm fairly happy with this one and it may be a contender for a canvas picture I bought on Groupon.

Needless to say, relatives can be assured that Christmas presents will be coming out of this photo shoot and of course pictures throughout the year.


A. said...

I'd go for the one of you guys standing with Cameron swinging between you - looks carefree and fun.

I like the masthead picture, too. Where'd you get your sneakers? I'm looking for some non-athletic sneakers to wear when I'm out and about on the weekends, something similar to those.

T. said...

First thing I thought when I saw your new header photo - I love those sneakers! Please share details. Love the photos - adorable family!

Stacey said...

They are sketchers (pull on) and I got them at Kohl's. Here is the link to them on the Sketcher's site. I love them!!

Thanks for the suggestion about using a more "active" picture for the canvas. I'll take a look back through those again.

Elizabeth said...

I just have to say, what a difference two years makes for you as well. You look AMAZING and are an inspiration for me and my baby weight. Maybe we'll see you in April at the reunion.

Brenda said...

hi, Stacey! I found your post about Hilton Head and was wondering if you'd be interested in being included on our site about HH vacation rentals/family activities on HH. Drop me a line if so...brenda (at) dwellable (.com)