Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recommitted to running

I've been a little lazy with my running routine post Warrior Dash. For basically the past two years I have been focused on losing weight, exercising and maintaining my weight loss. And it got a little old. So I was only running 1 day a week and taking a spinning class every Sunday. I did keep tracking my WW points (mostly) but the exercise really fell by the wayside. It was still way more than I used to do (which was nothing) but a few pounds have crept back on.

Enter the Race for the Cure last weekend. I actually trained for it; running every other day for over a week. And I posted my best time ever (38 minutes) for a 5K. The result is that it complete re-motivated me to get back in the groove with training.

So my big game plan? Run an 8K. I'm kind of nervous even typing that out. 5 whole freaking miles. The race day is Thanksgiving day and I've signed up for another 5K for the end of the month to keep me motivated. Having goals to work towards is definitely something I need or I slack off. I'm also planning to run a 10K in the Spring but know I need to be running 4+ miles consistently to get to that point.

If you told the "old" me I would want to be a runner I would have laughed in your face. Now I feel great after a run (tired, but great) and know I'm making myself healthy. And also banking those calories for wine :-)

If you are a runner do you need regular races to stay motivated? Do you listen to music or are you a NPR junkie like me? And what are your recommendations for cold weather gear? This is my first winter as a runner so I need advice.


Amanda said...

I want to know about the winter gear too :)

LauraC said...

I vary what I listen to. This American Life, books on tape, running mix. Depends on the type of run (fast run = songs, slow run = talk).

Here is the fundamental thing you need to know about cold weather running: dress to 20 degrees warmer than actual temp. So if it is 50, dress how you would dress to run at 70. It will feel cold the first 5-10 minutes then you will warm up.

Also take in account wind when you consider this!

I run in running tights because they keep me the warmest. I bought them from Title 9 Sports. They are GREAT for women's gear. And your innermost layer, you want that to be a wicking layer.

My friend Monika put together a great cold weather gear post for my Move It blog:


susanne13 said...

It seems like you have a lot of information from the cole weather blog but the things that kept me running in 30 degree weather: UnderArmour gloves (so thin but so great) and an UnderArmour fleece hat (ear coverage is KEY). I also have a New Balance running jacket that is light weight but incredible. I could wear just a tank top under it depending on the temperature, and be fine. Since I tend to not run in tights, I ended up running in capri yoga pants (with a drawstring) and my ankles didn't seem to be bothered.
Having races to train for and people to train/run the races with seems to help me! I already have a post-baby race lined up in mid December :) Good luck!!