Monday, August 3, 2009

A fun weekend

DH and I had some friends visit this past weekend. They were our first couple friends in Charlotte who we met while I was interning at BigFinance. We moved here and they moved away to DC less than a month later. And then they moved to NYC. And then to Germany. We were beginning to feel insulted. Did they really need to cross an ocean to get away? But common sense (and a desire to watch sports while drinking American beer) prevailed and they are back in the US temporarily settled in DC again. DH and I put the full court press on for them to move back to Charlotte. We cued up the cute baby and everything.

Time will tell if we were successful. In the interim we ate too much, drank a bit more than was good for us and slept too little. Good thing Cameron likes to nap on the weekends! It did remind me that I'm a mother and I was usually in bed before 11 PM - a big difference from their last visit just before I found out I was pregnant. It was nice to have an extra set of hands but I think Janusz managed to go the whole weekend without holding Cameron. We'll get him to change a diaper the next time!

A rare picture of me and my little one.
Cameron was extra cute while snuggling with Stacy. Yes, her name is Stacy and at times it can be confusing. Stacy indulged me talking non-stop about how awesome Cameron is while our husbands talked baseball. A good division of labors.
It wasn't only a visit for me and DH. Charlie also got to play with one of his best friends, Satchmo. We are convinced they are gay lovers. There was a lot of humping and licking.

All in all it was a great weekend. Move back to Charlotte, Stacy and Janusz, so we can do it more often!!

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confused homemaker said...

Sounds like fun & yep it's a reminder of the bedtime when you get to visiting with others. And I adore that picture of her on the header:)