Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to annoy me

Do you really want to know what annoys me? Are you looking for ways to piss me off and get me ranting and raving? Then read on....
  1. Slow drivers. Especially slow drivers in the left lane who drive next to a car in the right lane and won't speed up. Yes, apparently God made you the arbiter of the speed limit. Please make me tow the line and travel at exactly 40 miles per hour as I am heading to work.
  2. People who don't flush the toilet. Is it just me? 50% of the time when I walk into a public restroom stall I have to back out because some woman before me couldn't be bothered to flush the handle. Or better yet, it's an automatic flush but she doesn't look to make sure it actually worked. Technology doesn't work all the time, ladies! Do another woman a favor and make sure that your business makes it all the way down the drain.
  3. Putting me on loudspeaker for a one-on-one phone meeting. I know you have a headset. Or at the very least a handset. You can't be bothered to pick it up and plug it in just because you are sitting pretty in your cushy office? Instead you want to make me listen to every ambient noise that echoes through your speaker phone? Gee thanks. How did I get so lucky?
  4. Do you see me struggling with my stroller? No, no. You go first and let me hold the door for you while I try to maneuver this carriage through a heavy door.
  5. Oh, I didn't realize that because you are dropping your child off at daycare you can use the handicap spot. Apparently walking two extra feet from the open parking spot next to it is just too much for you to bear. And while you are at it, go right ahead and take up both of the handicap spots. It's not like anyone else could need them, right?

That's just my top 5. How about the rest of you? What annoys you enough to mentally or verbally spout off at people?

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Amanda said...

I'm with you 100% on numbers 1-5. at my daycare its in a cul-de-sac and people willy nilly park so sometimes I have to walk halfway down the street to get to the front door.

I would add, people that walk across the street half way and stand in the middle of the street waiting for a break in traffic. Dude there is a cross walk 100 feet down the street, its for pedestrians.