Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes, I'd like the kitchen sink with that

DH and I are in the throws of planning for our packing. Yes, not even planning for our vacation but planning the packing itself. We are overwhelmed with the sheer amount! of! stuff! that one small child requires. Over the course of the last two weeks I would mention an item I'm sure we can't live without for Cameron and DH would dutifully write it down. That has resulted in a 3 page list of Cameron stuff that needs to be organized and packed in time for DH's 5 AM departure on Saturday. Fortunately Cameron is young enough that we really just need a few essentials in terms of toys. The bouncer and play mat are a must. And hopefully we can borrow some stuff from Mommy, Esq.

We have decided (and really it's more like I convinced DH) that it's probably better he drives straight through to Massachusetts with the dog and all! the! stuff! while Cameron and I follow a day later via a plane. I feel for DH as he will be lonely and tired with the drive. I told him he can call and talk to me for as long as he needs during the drive. I'm hopeful that there will at least be an interesting baseball game on satellite radio to help him pass the time. And there better be no traffic! Unlike our last trip to visit family.

This vacation is planned to be a lot more relaxing than our normal two week vacation around the holidays. Usually when we come up to Massachusetts in the winter it's a whirlwind of activity, craziness and little relaxation. This time we will spend a couple nights with DH's parents and then the bulk of the time at my parent's house in Maine with a wedding in Bar Harbor thrown in for good measure. My parents bought the house on Lake Sebago at the end of 2004 and that was about 6 months before DH and I move to Charlottesville while I attended Darden. So we haven't had a chance to really enjoy the water and general relaxed atmosphere in Maine. Now if only work will cooperate with my relaxation plans...

Wish us luck over the next two days as we sort through the list and figure out what we really do need and what is just the craziness of first time parents. And let me know what must have items you brought with you while traveling with an infant.


Susan said...

Oh, how fun. We have been wanting to get to Maine for so long. I hope you will share pics. And yes, it is overwhelming the stuff you have to pack for such a little baby. But you will love the time away.

LauraC said...

I took a picture of the mountain of stuff we took for just the boys on our first plane trip with them:

I had an obsessive packing list! I still have obsessive packing lists! When we went to Florida for that trip, we had to take two PNPs, two boosters, as well as everything else.

Even after all the plane rides we've taken, I always pack for the worst and the worst has never happened.

confused homemaker said...

When Mr. J was our only we packed everything under the sun, with each kid we've pared down the list because I've always been an over-packer, & this last trip with just D-man we packed really light (for us anyway). Just the absolute basics like clothes, diapers, sling/wrap, stroller & diaper bag. No big extras this time, one stuffed animal/thing to chew (teething) on the plane. Really he was just happy hanging out with us & checking out the town.

Have fun packing!

Have fun & enjoy the trip.

Drew said...

Can't wait for our young ones to meet! Let's hope the good weather trend will continue for your visit.

Donna said...

Just remember you can always buy what you forgot...or make do with something else.