Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oops! Who knew water could do that?

Duh. I could. I had a slight accident with the digital camera today while splashing in a kiddie pool with Cameron. Need I write that it involved water? The camera wasn't submerged but it did get wet so it is hanging out in a plastic bag with some rice. If anyone else knows of other tricks and tips, please send them my way!

If the rice doesn't work we might need to place an emergency order for another digital camer. I am really liking our camera so I would want to get the same one. Even with the (gulp!) $250 price tag. I just hope either it dries out or we can get a new one before we head out for a wedding on Friday morning. Please send your driest thoughts out to our camera!

In the meantime DH is spending some quality time with some of his old friends. They coincidentally rented a house about 3 miles from my parents' house in Maine. We brought Cameron over for some oohing and aahing earlier and now DH is back to get some drink on. Ah, I vaguely remember those days!

More pictures (I hope!) to come in a few days.

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confused homemaker said...

I have no advice on the camera, but I hope it works still. I have never gotten one wet but when Mr. J was a toddler he grabbed ours off the counter and when asked to give it back, he instead ran the other way & did the toddler toss down the stairs. Needless to say we got a new camera after that.