Sunday, November 15, 2009

Batten down the hatches: Cameron starts crawling

Despite being struck down by another (!) cold, Cameron decided on Friday night that she was ready to start crawling. It is still kind of "commando-like" in the sense that she isn't up on all fours but she moving a lot more purposely now than ever before. I attempted to get a video of it but it's like she knew I had the camera ready to go and would stop crawling and start rolling around instead. Clever little girl.

DH and I haven't started baby proofing the house yet but we need to get moving on it. Cameron's first stops in her trek across the room including whacking her head on the coffee table leg and trying to eat my power cord. I think we are going to remove the coffee table temporarily and bring in something smaller and padded. I picked somthing up at Target but I wish it was a foot longer. Then I could still keep my computer on it while eating. Yes, DH and I eat at the coffee table. It's a habit we haven't had to break yet with Cameron's current evening schedule.

Cameron is sitting on the couch. She still hasn't quite grasped how to sit for extended periods of time. I would have preferred she work on that skill before crawling but I get no say in the matter.
Cameron prefers to grab her own toys out of her little toy bin.
Charlie is already apprehensive about Cameron starting to crawl. Sorry, buddy, but she will definitely go for you first!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Yay! I was so excited for Madi to crawl now she is everywhere and in everything. Just seconds ago she dumped the cats water bowl over. sigh. It's still exciting though!

Helen said...

Look out Charlie!

Drew said...

If you find a coffee table situation that works please let us know. We don't know how we will function without one and are considering and leaning towards keeping it which can be considered an accident waiting to happen!