Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it too early to start saying no?

Cameron has learned a new trick. She likes to shake her head back and forth to basically tell DH and I "no". Or the infant equivalent of F-U-. I can only imagine that she picked up this skill in daycare.

When does Cameron break out the head shake? Usually while eating. No more solid food? Head shake. No more bottle? Head shake. Medicine to help with teething or coughing? Head shake. And the medicine tastes good! Weirdo. Cameron also likes to purse her lips together tightly while engaging what is sometimes a full body twist and shout.

Every time she starts the head shake and lip clench I mutter, "You are so stubborn! Just like your father." And it's true. He's very stubborn.

Cameron also likes to bat her hands around frantically if she isn't happy with us (see above with food or medicine administration). DH has started putting his hands down over hers and saying "No" in a very firm voice. I originally protested because hey, Cameron is only 7 months old. That's too young to be telling her no, right? But then I thought, "Crap, she's only 5 months away from being a year old! Maybe it's isn't too early?!?"

So I pose the question to you, when did you start consistently telling your children no? Any tricks and tips for handling infants in particular? And when did your children start telling you no? Is Cameron particularly precocious with her head shaking?


Mommy, Esq. said...

Sorry, Ned and Penny were doing the same thing at her age (and still do). It's a skill they pick up - she'll stop doing it as much in a couple of weeks. It's good that she can communicate her "all done". Penny uses sign language for saying she's done (waiving both her hands) but Ned just fusses and tries to get out of his highchair. It's her next step in communication skills.

Scott Sweeney said...

I started telling our kids No when they were still in the womb. "No, stop kicking Mommy". "No, stop making Mommy puke". "No, the Red Sox can NOT be leading the AL East", you get the idea.

And your DH isn't stubborn...he's "determined", thought???

Have a groovy day!!!!