Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the market for a stroller and car seat

Yesterday was a Bank holiday which was perfect because Cameron's school had a teacher's workshop day so it was closed. DH and I took Cameron to the doctor's office for a quick check up and H1N1 vaccination. I scheduled her an appointment last week because she has been battling a cold for several weeks and I was concerned about the wheezing I heard, especially when she first woke up. We have a humidifier running but it didn't seem to help. Isn't it totally typically that of course Cameron sounds much better and all her symptoms stopped just before we went to the doctor's? We went anyway because I had called the day before and asked if they FINALLY had any H1N1 flu shots in and they did.

As we walked back to the room I asked the nurse if Cameron could get her H1N1 first vaccination while we were there. I couldn't schedule for it because technically it was a "sick" appointment. The nurse replied, "We have some but not for her age group." Immediately I questioned her, "What do you mean? What age group is getting the shots?" She avoided answering and directed me to talk to the doctor when we saw him. I have to admit I stewed a little. Cameron is only seven and half months old and in day care full time. How can she not be in one of the age groups that the practice was prioritizing. Fortunately the doctor was excited that we wanted to vaccinate Cameron and he ordered the shot for us. Apparently there were only 5 doses left so I guess it's a good thing we had an 8:30 AM appointment! Now I have to schedule her booster shot but I figure there should be less supply issues in a month.

Cameron is up to 18 pounds, 9 ounces. Not sure what % that puts her in but she is trucking right along with her growth. And getting VERY heavy to lug in her Graco SnugRide car seat. What does that mean for us? Time to start researching new car seats and strollers. I would love to hear recommendations from readers for both. In the car seat arena we are looking for a convertible and something that isn't too expensive since we have to get two car seats for day care pick up / drop off purposes. For a stroller I am looking for something fairly light and easy to open and close. Other than that I just need it to recline enough so that Cameron can nap if we happen to be on the go. I know many of you have been down this path before so any and all advice is welcome!


LauraC said...

Can't help with strollers since I only had double!

Car seats, we got the Britax Roundabout even though they were a little pricey. The big reasons:

* Easily removable car seat cover bc toddlers are messy (we have an extra)
* Very easy to install and uninstall
* Works very well with the GoGo Kidz since we travel

They go up to 40 lbs and my boys are still in them three years later. When we got the second car, we went with the Britax Regent since they go to 100 lbs. It is much harder to install and uninstall.

We also went to BRU to check out car seats for plushness, durability, etc.

Nicole S. said...

We got the Graco My Ride 65 - its comparable to a smaller Britax but much cheaper (MSRP $150 - you can always use the 15% off any one item coupon at BRU). It's rear facing up to 40 lbs. and front facing up to 65 lbs. It had 2 cup holders, which does give it a wide footprint. But its great for holding toys and binkines.

As for strollers, I'm no help ebacuse there are SO many cool single strollers that I can't play with. :( However, the Citi Mini and Valco Ion are both nice, sturdy yet lightweight strollers. Good luck!!

A. said...

You have a big car, I'd go for the Britax Marathon. It will last you longer than the Roundabout.

jerseygirl77 said...

People rave all the time about Britax seats, but they are $$$$. I've also heard good things about the Cosco Alpha Omega. We have an Evenflo Triumph, which I generally like. My 2 complaints are that it is very wide (which really isn't much of a problem if it's the only car seat in the car) and that the outer cover is a PITA to take off and put back on. On the good side, it's easy to install/uninstall with LATCH and it seems like a pretty comfortable ride.

We also have Sunshine Kids Radian 65s for the boys. The advantage is that it goes to 65 lbs., but for less money than a Britax. Pretty easy to install too.

While I'm commenting, I just want to throw out to anyone reading this that the new AAP guidelines are for children to ride rear-facing until at least age 2, not 1. Even better, keep them rear-facing until they have reached the RF weight limit of their car seats. It's the safest way for them to ride. Period.

jerseygirl77 said...

Oh and I forgot to say, check out the strollers by Combi. They are generally lightweight and fold compactly.

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