Friday, August 20, 2010

Language explosion

My sister, Mommy, Esq., predicted that Cameron would go through a language explosion soon when we saw her on our family vacation. Well, she was right! Cameron rarely says words spontaneously but she can parrot, very clearly, a ton of new words. These include*:

Melba (her teacher)
That's Izzy (which is what we say when we see the neighbors' dog so Cameron thinks it's his full name, freaking adorable)

Some of these words I just shake my head over. Did DH really have to teach her picture and mirror? How about some useful words instead? I'm working on teaching Cameron to say "up" but it's not going to well. She prefers throwing herself at me and whining instead of saying "up". Good times.

Cameron will be 17 months next week (sniff, she's growing up far too fast!) so I'm glad her language is on track. I'm sure the doctor will ask us about it during her 18 month appointment. Good thing I write this stuff in my blog or I'd never remember on the spot! So, now when can I expect her to start saying things without prompting regularly? And is there another common age for another language or perhaps grammar (sentences) explosion to be on the lookout for?

*I'm probably forgetting a few others but you get the idea.

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