Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You can always go home

It's funny that I still think of my parents' house, as home, isn't it? I haven't lived there since 2000 but I still think of it as home. It's been a year and a half since I spent any time there so I was very excited to bring Cameron home with me. And plus Cameron was able to spend lots of quality time with Bumpa, Grammy, and her cousins, Ned and Penny.

The flights weren't a total disaster but the flight home was smack in the middle of Cameron's normal nap time. So there were a few melt downs and she absolutely refused to lie down on her seat and my lap to try and nap. And despite an almost 2 hour nap when she got home, Cameron was an absolute terror until bedtime last night. But that's all behind us with a good night's sleep and lots of fun memories from our trip.

Mommy, Esq. and I planned a lot of outings for the weekend. This picture was taken at a very cool indoor play arena, IMAJINE that. There was a pirates ship, grocery store, bouncy house and lots, lots more. Cameron climbed up to the top of a big slide and this older girl was kind enough to help her down the slide. As you can see from Cameron's expression she loved the big slide! And I got a lot of exercise going up and coming down too! Mommy and Cameron take a hayride at Drumlin Farms.
Here the 3 cousins check out the bird portion of Drumlin farms.
This picture is from Stone Zoo. The black bears were very active and kept walking back and forth in front of the kids. They loved it as you can see from Cameron's expression here.
I got mostly back of the head photos from our excursions but we actually managed to get Penny, Ned and Cameron to turn around for a few shots.
Here is a funny anecdote from our trip. My mom mentioned that Ned and Penny can't say the word, "Grammy" yet so they have fallen back on calling her Mimi. Which wouldn't be a problem except my mom's mom's grandmother name is Mimi. So it would be weird for her. Immediately after I said to Cameron, "We're going to go see Bumpa." And Cameron piped up from the back seat with "Bumpa." My mom rolled her eyes and complained that my father seemed to have picked out the perfect grandfather name. Every toddler can see it with minimal prompting. So keep that in mind when you are picking your own grandparent names down the road!

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H said...

We were so happy to see you and get to hang out a bit! Hope I get to spend some time with Cameron at Christmas:)