Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who knew I could love her even more?

I’ve mentioned to my sisters before that Cameron isn’t a particularly affectionate child. What I mean is that when DH or I would shower her with kisses or hugs she would passively take it but not return the affection. At least she didn’t squirm away! That would have been tough. But in the course of her development Cameron has started to realize how to demonstrate affection.

First it was to her blankie and lovie. Cameron would pick them up after her nap and cuddle with them. Then she began offering them to me or DH to cuddle as well. She quickly moved on to stuffed animals and started to incorporate “kisses” into her actions. I put quotes around the kisses because like most toddlers Cameron can’t really give kisses. They are more like open mouthed face plants with some accompanying “mah” noises.

This past week Cameron has put two and two together and now reciprocates or even initiates kisses and hugs with me and DH. I didn’t realize how much I needed her to do that until she started. I had no idea that my love could grow even more for her but seeing and feeling Cameron reciprocate our love took my love to a whole other level. Now I ask her for kisses all the time and still get a thrill when Cameron leans over and plants a big wet one on my cheek. Or my leg. Or arm. And she is already turning into a champion hugger. Has anyone else experienced this surge in love when your kid(s) started showing affection? I’m assuming it is human nature to want our feelings reciprocated and I am so happy that Cameron has started to do so.

One other cute story from this week. Yesterday I was running late from work so I called home. Cameron answered the phone (with DH’s help, of course) and we proceed to have our first real phone conversation.

Me: Hi, Cameron. Hi! It’s Mama.
Cameron: Hi. Hi. Hi. Mama. Mama.
Me: How was school today? Did you have fun with Miss Melba?
Cameron: Melba. Melba!
Me: And are you home now with Charlie? How is Charlie?
Cameron: Woof. Woof.
[Lots of noise from buttons being pushed]
DH: OK, we’re hanging up now. See you soon.

I think it was a successful first phone conversation, don’t you?


Mommy, Esq. said...

Penny has only started to give hugs and kisses in the last month. Ned about 3 months ago. I never took it personally - but you are right that it is awesome when they do!

drew said...

ooohh. I can't wait! I currently hold my child down and give him kisses and hugs and call it smothering time... Maybe one day he will actually give one back!

D said...

Hugs and kisses are some of my favorite parts of being a parent. I will never ever forget the first time Brady said "Mommy, I love you." One of the best moments of my whole life! I think 2 year olds are very affectionate so you can look forward to more. I don't just get hugs and kisses from Brady, I get them from all his friends too. And they hug and kiss each other. That total innocent affection for each other is heart melting!

Brady gives me squeezy-squashy hugs and big kisses all the time. Makes all the temper tantrums and endless whining worth it.

Danielle said...

Ew. It posted before I put my info in! The above is from me.