Sunday, January 16, 2011

The first cut is always the deepest

I would be a terrible wife if I didn't post a picture that DH took this morning before I dive into the real topic of this blog post. I was in my bathroom (hall bathroom vs. master bath that has a tiny shower stall and hence unusable for me) and DH ran past the door mumbling something about 9 beers. Or so I thought. It turns out he was brushing his teeth and was really saying "There are 9 deer in the yard!" Picture proof of a few of them below.

Today I hosted a play date for our working moms play group. It was the first time in a while so I made a fruit salad and had buffalo chicken salad and pita pockets to accompany them. The kids got Pirate's Booty. Don't you want to join my group just for that yummy food?
While at the play date I told the other moms that I was planning to cut Cameron's hair. The other two moms there have sons so they have been dealing with hair cutting for quite some time. I told them I was going to try it myself and they both had as well, before admitting defeat and heading to a kid's haircut place.

Much like my sister A., I have had it with the long hair. Tangles were becoming far too common, as were food getting caught in it. Not to mention Cameron has not allowed me to put barrettes in her hair for over 8 months. Tiny top ponytails were about all I could get her to wear and 99% of the time she pulled them out at daycare.

Here is a picture of Cameron (before). As my great-grandmother would say, "You have such a pretty face so get that hair out of it!"
Below are the piles of hair that resulted from Cameron's first hair cut. I did it although DH volunteered. Yes, I'll admit it, the haircut is a bit shorter than I was planning but I think it turned out rather well. I will miss the curls but knew they were transient.
So what do you think? A success or should I just bide my time until it grows out and have a professional tackle it the next time?


A. said...

She and Lucy could be hair twins (except for the color, of course). I'm requesting of photo of the hair dry, but I'd say you did an excellent job! And look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I think you were right about her needing a haircut! Madi has barely any hair and gets food in it alllll the time, so I can imagine what's going on over at your house :) I think you did a great job! She probably sat still longer for you than she would a stranger.

Donna said...

She looks great and I request a dry hair photo as well! I have to say I tried to cut my boys hair too. I admitted defeat but not because cutting it was hard (it is - getting the layers in is a pain and cutting blonde hair with layers is another pain), but because they kept moving their heads. They are absolutely wonderful at the hair dressers, but I don't take them to a kiddie hair place but to my own. She takes good care of them, just a little advice.

Amanda said...

Looks good! And I'm still going to try home haircuts I just needed the stylist to give me a new starting place :)

Mommy, Esq. said...

Can't wait to see it dry. I love Lucy's short do and I'm sure Cameron's is great. Penny's hair is so fine that I just can't do it that short - but it is also so fine that we don't really get tangles.

Glucosamine said...

cute hair style.