Sunday, January 23, 2011

New toddler, new tricks

I realize I haven't written a lot lately about Cameron's development. Our focus on illness and juggling work with travel woes has left me little time to reflect on her advancements. Just 2 months away from the age of 2, Cameron is already developing signs of the "Terrible Twos". Willful, defiant, constant mood swings...basically a preview into what we can expect when she is a teenager.

But along with the emotional ups and downs, Cameron has advanced quite a bit with her verbal, social, cognitive and physical development. She has well over 100 (we've lost count) words and is putting together 2 and 3 word sentences regularly. She engages in imaginative play with her tea set and taking care of her "babies". Cameron can kind of jump although she doesn't really get much clearance. She still can't walk up or down stairs without a lot of help from me or DH but we'll get there soon.

Cameron is getting good at saying "Please" and "Thank you." Needless to say, please was an easy one because we wouldn't give her what she wanted unless she said it. Thank you was a bit harder and she often says thank you to us when she is handing us something. It's very cute though. She has yet to master sharing and was quite the queen bee when we hosted a play date last weekend. Cameron regularly employs the word "mine" in when playing.

We have been using 1-2-3 Magic with time outs for the past two months. Cameron seems to like going into time out so I'm not sure it is having the proper effect. She does say, "No" when we ask her if she wants to go into time out so at least the punishment concept has sunk in.

We've been working with Cameron on her colors but the only ones she's consistent with is Yellow and Green. She can kind of count from 1-10 with some help. She can definitely say her ABCs as evidenced in the video proof below.

I know that development evens out for kids in the 3-4 year time frame. But I plan on pushing hard to get Cameron moved into the Twos room at daycare as soon as she turns 2. Given how long it took us to get her moved up the last time, I better start the process now!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Wow, she is such a smarty! Madison is slower on the talking, but her physical developments are awesome :) She can jump pretty high, it's her favorite thing to do and she was trying to do somersaults after seeing it on Sesame Street the other day! ha ha! I LOVE how they are playing tea and taking care of their babies!!! It's so darn cute I just want to squish her face!!

Glucosamine said...

she is really smart it somewhat remind me of youngest sisters childhood