Monday, May 23, 2011

Adventures in Play-Doh

Cameron has a new obsession: Play-Doh. The only problem? She doesn't have the dexterity to manipulate the material. So her solution is to have me or DH translate her wishes into Play-Doh.

We picked up a few more containers of Play-Doh this weekend along with a 30 piece cookie cutter set and a little rolling pin. Cameron hasn't quite grasped how to use the rolling pin but I'm sure she will figure it out soon. I hope she doesn't figure out what a handy weapon it can be.

I like Play-Doh except for a few things. First, little pieces of it get everywhere, especially under my nails. Then I smell like Play-Doh for the rest of the night despite numerous hand washings. Second, we have a dog who sheds which means a lot of dog hair that can get trapped in the Play-Doh. Gross. Third, maintaining separation of colors is extremely important or you end up with an amalgamation of colors that are not pleasing to the eye. Finally, we have yet to not have a meltdown when it comes time to put the Play-Doh away. There is a lot of screaming, crying and "mine" thrown about liberally. I've started the count down (you have 5 minutes, 4 minutes, etc.) which seems to help.

Here Cameron insisted that DH create a little Cameron holding hands with her BFF, Holden. Charlie was added in for good measure.Cameron models a necklace and bracelets created by DH. He's handy with the Play-Doh! The shirt is courtesy of Target and already Cameron's favorite.

DH is traveling this week so I better sharpen my Play-Doh skills fast! Are there any Play-Doh accessories that your kid(s) really like or am I better off with the cookie cutter route?


Amanda said...

So cute about the little people. Holden also makes us create with Play Doh. I'm not so creative, so there are a lot of dogs, snowmen and snakes (which also could be turds if you didn't know they were snakes) :)

H said...

Tell Jeremy I'm very impressed with his molding skills

and I kind of think you're sol when it comes to not getting the colors all mixed up:)