Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The post where I spend too much time analyzing a TV show

Cameron has joined the ranks of the TV obsessed toddlers. Two weeks ago she started showing a marked interest in one particular show. I admit I encouraged it. She had shown minimal interest in the show 4 months ago so I taped a dozen episodes in the hope that one day she would be content to sit and watch it by herself while I got things done around the house. Well, the interest level is there but she insists I watch the show with her so I haven't been able to realize much gain yet.

We are limiting her to one show a day and sometimes two on the weekend. But the constant refrain of "Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse" is starting to get on my nerves. We don't give in but I have to face it, my child is obsessed with the Mickey Mouse Club. She loves Minnie the most which surprises me because I figured Mickey or Pluto or Goofy would be the main attractions. But Cameron is living up to my prediction that she will be a girlie girl with her Minnie love.

I find myself spending far too much time thinking about this stupid show as I sit with Cameron and watch it. The show is very well done. Aside from a few minor tweaks (Mouska Dance vs. Hot Dog Dance) it hasn't changed in the four seasons I've taped episodes from. I can't imagine that it takes much effort to produce an episode so it has to be a serious money maker for the Disney corporation. Story lines are formulaic and many of the scenes can be recycled (hot dog dance, mouska tools, etc.). There is a lot of "interaction" where the characters talk and expect responses which Cameron loves. She eagerly says, "Oh Toodles!" upon command. I saw one extended episode where the writers made Toodles into a true character. He was like the Jar Jar Binks of the Mickey Mouse Club and I'm glad I have yet to see his return. See? Far too much time spent thinking about this show.

I am a TV fanatic so I don't begrudge my daughter a TV show of her own. I like that it is 25 minutes and commercial free. A DVR lets me even skip the before and after ads. I'm sure she has already been sucked into the commercialization but she has yet to ask for any toys related to the show. And hey, at least she'll recognize characters when we go to Disney next year!

So, what other shows so I consider adding to our DVR list over the next few months? I can't imagine I'll avoid repeat episodes of the Mickey Mouse Club forever. And the show is annoying enough that I would prefer not to see any repeats. What do your kids love and you can tolerate?


Amanda said...

as you are well aware, Holden is a Pixar obsessed kid. But if your looking for t.v. shows we do a lot of Nick Jr and a couple disney shows, Handy Mandy and Mrs. Spider. I can't handle Dora though

Ashley said...

Daphne will only watch Caillou, and I am rapidly getting sick of that little bald toddler. I hear that Dinosaur Train is not intolerable, so I'm going to DVR a few episodes of that and see how it goes.

LauraC said...

I am still a Backyardigans fan! The music is very catchy.

We preview shows to see if we like them before we let the boys watch them. Mean parents but it stopped us from watching anything intolerable to us!

Stephanie said...

Oh, boy, Jesse is a Dora fan all the way. I've tried to get him interested in Disney/Pixar movies, but he will have none of it.

I cannot stand Thomas the Train, so that will definitely never be in our house. I like Backyardigans, too, but there not on his radar yet.

Drew said...

Joel Andrew loves Mickey and asks for it all the time. I like the show, but if I hear the Goof-Bot song one more time I might scream! /i also think that shape stickers cannot fix a broken hot air balloon. Joel also loves Nemo, and really liked Wall-E. He does not like the Pirate cartoon, or anything else for that matter. Funny thing about commercials, since Mickey doesn't have them, when we were watching Wall-E with commercials, Joel Andrew did not get it an d freaked out!

T. said...

Sesame Street!

Donna said...

Super Why is great. I used to love Johnny and the Sprites but it isn't on anymore. I hate Diego and Dora - they are so idiotic it drives me nuts and stay away from the Wonder Pets (yuck!). Blue's Clues is actually cute if you can stand the weirdness of salt and pepper shakers as characters. Lots of the Disney shows come and go but Mickey is eternal.