Monday, May 16, 2011

A walk in the park

For the past two weekends we have been taking Cameron to Freedom Park to walk around the lake and feed the fish. It's a nice cheap (read: free) activity that tends to wear her out. However, her stubbornness and whininess can sometimes make walking the 1/2 mile a challenge. The best part is when she doesn't want to walk in the stroller, won't hold our hands (so as to not fall into the lake) and wants to be carried by Mommy. Cameron must be pushing 26 pounds by now and while I have no problem handling that kind of weight at the gym, 3 sets of reps do not equal toting around a toddler for 10 minutes straight.

I know I need to savor this time with Cameron because how much longer am I going to be able to pick her up when she says, "Up, please?" But damn, she sure does get heavy! Parents - at what age/weight did you finally stop picking up your kids for more than a few seconds?

Cameron feeds the fish and the ducks with very, very stale Cheerios.

These sunglasses were a Christmas stocking gift from my sister, Mommy, Esq. Cameron loves them and they are very durable. If my sister remembers where she got them then perhaps she will comment on this post and other parents can pick them up. They are soft plastic and can bend...a must with a toddler!

A rare sighting: Cameron smiling at the camera!

DH took this picture so I can't take credit for the quality. Thank goodness. But this is another rare sighting: Cameron and Mommy in a picture. I am usually the photographer.

Cameron being goofy because she doesn't like to have her photograph taken.


A. said...

I think I stopped holding Finn for long amounts of time sometime during his 3-year-old-ness. Maybe 3 and a half? I think I'll need to stop earlier with Lucy, because she's a bit heavier than he was (is already 30 pounds).

But Finn is 4.5 now, and I still pick him up occasionally. I just usually end up groaning and dropping him about 2 minutes later. No question, kids are a workout!

Mommy, Esq. said...

I got her those? Clearly I have no recollection as to where. I stopped picking my kids up around age 2. Having another baby was a good excuse. I do have to pick them up to put them in timeout, lift them out of booster seats, etc. but overall I've stopped doing it.

Megan said...

Oh man I know what you mean! Madi is 32 pounds of dead weight when I carry her! Maybe that's why my arms are looking toned.....hmmmm

I love those glasses! So cute! You look great BTW :)

Donna said...

I still pick up my five year old (did at Disney so he could see over the crowd and see the performance). It takes more than muscle I think, endurance is key! He is pushing 40 lbs, I think (and I am pretty small myself). But I usually don't pick him up for more than a few minutes. I think I stopped last year. DS2 still gets picked up a LOT and he is 3 years old and around 30 lbs (?).