Thursday, May 5, 2011

Basking in the parent-to-be glow

No, not me!!

A guy got on the elevator with me and he was practically grinning from ear to ear. It was just us on the ride up and he blurted, "I just got to see my unborn baby for the first time and it was incredible!"

I congratulated him on his impended fatherhood and he went on and on about how amazing it was to see the heart beat, etc. Now call me jaded but here was what I wanted to tell him:

  • Prepare for lots of sleepless nights

  • Find a good babysitter now and schedule your date nights a year in advance. And have date nights.

  • I'm two years in and the toddler stage is way more exhausting than the infant stage. Just so you have something to look forward to.

Perhaps I'm settling more into the idea of one and done? I'm not sure but either way that parent-to-be glow did not rub off on me. Anything else you would have said inside your head to this guy?


Drew said...

Oh boy would I have a lot to say. We are convinced now that Deuce is not coming out because he is smart. He realizes we are not that excited for him. Which sounds mean, we are. But franly I am more excited to not be pregnant again than to be up all night long and go through the emotional and breastfeeding things again. Clearly, I am not going to help you if you need someone to convince you to go for 2. But, it is fun. Imagine you did not have that little person and how boring life would be. They are fun. They add lots of laughs, and when we are older they will take care of us... Do you really find toddler more exhausting than newborn? I do at times, but at least I get a full night sleep with the toddler. Hmm, I know, lets have both at the same time. ARGH.

Megan said...

LOL, I'm totally the same way! All I want to do is warn people how HARD it is! Everyday 24\7 :) Although it does no good, people told me it was hard and I was like 'nah, MY kid will be great!' hahahahhaha biggest joke ever.

Amanda said...

How about it was the best thing you ever did

Anonymous said...

Just remember these are the easy years! Mom