Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best practices in building a baby registry

I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and started my baby registry. Being the organized person I am, I first stated with a spreadsheet of all the items I thought I would need. Then, realizing I know nothing, I forwarded it to my sisters for their review and comments. Thank goodness I did! Mommy, Esq. has very recent experience with her 8 week old twins and A. was a researching fiend with Finn.

There are a few things I have to wait on once I know the sex of the baby. How can I register for bedding if I don't know the decor of the nursery, which is of course, dependent on whether we are having a boy or girl?

I think it's great to be able to register but DH and I are assuming that there will be many big ticket items we will be paying for ourselves. It is amazing how many things are "required" for a baby registry. I'm very thankful that I had the input from my sisters or I could have ended up funding the economic recovery with the items suggested by retailers. Some of items I have dismissed out of hand include: wipes warmer, jogging stroller (yeah right), door jumper, nursing wrap/cover, and high chair toys (really? Isn't food enough?).

What about the rest of you? Any advice on must haves or items to stay away from? Also, I'm curious what readers think about registering for babies after #1. I had always thought it was like a wedding or a shower - one time only. But I'm seeing registries for babies #2 and #3. Thoughts?


Mommy, Esq. said...

Nursing cover is actually useful. My friends use them on playdates. I don't mind "whipping it out" but others are more discrete. Maybe I should be more discrete...

One thing I didn't realize - onsies (especially non-summer months) are more like undershirts. You pu things on the kids over them.

Don't get toys - people will get you those. And we did buy more "big ticket" items than we thought - car seats, crib, etc. It was easier to buy stuff ourselves. Plus I preferred when Moms gave me stuff they liked - useful because as new moms we don't know what we need.

Natalie said...

okay, while i can't comment on things that are most useful for new moms, I can respond to the question of multiple showers. I say NO! We will hook you up for baby # 1 but you are on your own after that. If anyone I know fills out a registry for their 2nd or 3rd child, I'll have to give them a bit of a talking to.

Helen said...

I can see only one circumstance where someone could re-register for baby stuff- and it's the situation that Big Helen was in 1976. If you spontaneously decided to have a "Team B" and need baby stuff long after your other babies are grown, then I can see that being okay. Other than that, kind of classless to ask for stuff.

Donna said...

About the registry the second time around, I was actually asked if I was registered anywhere. I was -- for my own use to keep a list of things I needed, so that we could go out and buy them. Well, friends and family begged to have the link. I relented and it did help out. I'm not sure it is the classiest thing to do, but I was asked and asked. It does help people figure out what to get you if they are planning on getting you something.