Monday, October 27, 2008

Does "Bah humbug!" work for Halloween?

Halloween is pretty much a non-event for me. I think it has been since my sisters and I stopped trick or treating. I can't remember when that happened exactly but I think it was when we were 12 or so. My mom told me that when DH and I go visit them in Hilton Head we are required to go to a costume party. Both of us have no desire to dress up for Halloween and gave each other the "annoyed" look when it was mentioned.

I'm sure once I can dress up my kid I'll get more into it but for now, Halloween just doesn't appeal. Sure, I buy candy for the neighbors but last year our doorbell was rung a total of 4 times. I'm not complaining that I had to finish up those two bags of mini Snickers but it would have been just as easy to shut off the porch light and avoid the hassle. Charlie gets ballistic enough without a doorbell ringing.
The best Halloweens I had were in college but that wasn't more of an excuse to get drunk than dress up and win some kind of "best costume" award. I thought going as "college student" was good enough. This year I'm also going the minimalist route - pregnant party girl. A basic mask and some Marti Gras bead is all the costume I need. Tacky? Yes but a piece of cake to throw together.

I lack the creativity or enthusiasm required for Halloween. I think it goes back to my childhood. Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with three original costume ideas for girl triplets every year? No, Mom, I'm not blaming you, I swear. I was a witch at least 5 times. And making my own costume? No way. I can operate a glue gun, but that's about it.

We're trying to come up with an idea for DH. Dejected Yankee fan? Expectant father? Bud Light drinker? All possibilities.

What about you? Do you love Halloween or, like me, are you unmoved by it? Do you have any excellent costume ideas that I can steal for the future?


Mommy, Esq. said...

But you forget the fun parties. I had a few in D.C. and we had a rockin' one on Thurston Street with Allie there too. Costumes make it more festive so it is worth making an effort! Where a big "REJECTED" sign and say you are a mortgage loan application. Yes, we lawyers are lame.

A. said...

Stacey, I distinctly remember at least one party where you dressed up as "S&M sex kitten" instead of "college student." You seemed pretty into Halloween that night :-).

If you find out you're having a girl this week, get Jeremy a fake shotgun and a wife beater to play the overprotective dad. You could wear a nun suit (a pregnant nun, ha!) as the rebellious daughter who went out and got knocked up despite being sent to a convent.

Theresa said...

I also am a Halloween Grinch! I just don't understand the appeal. I can never think of costumes, so I am absolute no help. Maybe Jeremy can carry around a six pack of Bud and put on a name tag that says "Hello my name is Joe"? I know, I am lame! It's really all I've got. :-)

Helen said...

Yeah, I hear ya, dude! Since I am around children, it's hard not to get into at least a little. In my line of work it is totally appropriate and encouraged to wear silly socks, pumpkin necklaces, and large Snoopy pins. I also own a huge set of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" figurines. The kids go "batty" for them! There are lots of great Snoopy cards for Halloween too!

Natalie said...

best costume ever (and easiest): take a blue shirt and put cotton balls all over it and carry around a squirt bottle. What are you? You are partly cloudy with a chance of showers.