Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mmmmm, that looks so good

Last night DH and I attempted to feed Cameron her first "real" food. I say attempted because she probably swallowed a gram. I say "real" because have you seen that crap? I wanted to try and give her some solids just to see if she started gulping down the food. That would tell me she was really hungry and my food supply wasn't enough. Needless to say, that didn't happen. I think we will be putting solids on hold for a while thanks to the comments on my last post. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

School has given us a new form to fill out now that Cameron is 4 months old. It is for the feeding of a 4-7 month old baby and includes cereal, veggies and fruit options. Um, how exactly will I know what to give her for the next 3 months? For now I will be filling it out to indicate she is still to get the three 4 ounce bottles and will update it in a month or so. I am tempted to have school teach her how to eat when we do finally introduce solids more regularly. One quick feeding session and the novelty of solid foods has passed. Plus it's really hard to squeeze it in during the evening. Has anyone else taken the path of less resistance and had daycare do most of the heavy lifting in acclimating you kid(s) to solids? Am I a terrible mother for wanting them to do it?

I do have a video to share but blogger has decided to not upload it. Look back for an updated once I get it to work.

Daddy prepares to give Cameron her first taste of rice cereal. I refused to taste it based on the smell. Ugh.
You want me to actually swallow this? You're kidding, right?
OK, this may not be that bad.
I'm only smiling because Daddy is feeding me and making funny faces.
Maybe if I keep spitting it out they won't notice.
Thanks but I think I'll stick to nursing.


Amanda said...

It took Holden a few weeks to get the hang of the spoon, and he still spits a lot out but has now started to make chewing motions and eats the 1 tbsp of rice cereal with 3 tbsp of formula now. it takes practice, but no need to rush things if she is content on breastmilk.

Donna said...

Be careful with having daycare introduce solids (especially more allergenic ones). My ped told me to introduce them myself in the AM so that if there was a reaction, I could monitor it and know. The daycare might not have the arms, eyes available to see an allergic reaction. Introduce all new foods yourself. One at a time for days at a time.

Mommy, Esq. said...

It is absolutely hard work to introduce something new into the routine but necessary. I believe in practice so we'd do solid feedings every once in a while and made it a regular thing after a few weeks - so maybe just do it on weekends or nights you get home early? Also, you may want daycare to do it - tehy could feed her at 4:30 (she eats a bottle at 3:30, right), then you BF her before bed. That was the time of day we usually did our until we went to mulitple times a day. Some babies do better in AM but I like the 4:30 - we fed them, quick 3rd nap, up for a bit of play, some bedtime bottle, bath, a bit more bottle, bed. It took even my best eater (Ned) a couple of weeks to get the hang of it - but she'll like it better if you mix in fruits/veggies.

confused homemaker said...

great pictures, she looks so excited as the spoon is coming toward her. i didn't have an outside daycare (someone came here) at that age.

Anonymous said...

I'd try couple of french fries. .just a joke. . .but little spoon of ice cream, and just watch her! . . .Mimi

LauraC said...

Have to ditto trying new foods only at home and only in mornings. N&A had a horrible reaction to rice cereal which we introduced at night. Stupid!! They were up half the night screaming.

Then Alex had a crazy reaction to kiwi of all things, he developed a severely burning diaper rash within an hour of eating it. If he had been at school, I don't think we would have caught it as quickly.

The other problem is that if you send something to day care and she doesn't like it, then they are SOL. We started solids at 4-5 months bc it took much longer to introduce them 1-2 a week.

Anyway I liked day care doing the majority of feedings (particularly when it got SUPER messy) and LOVED having them do the transition to table foods. Alex was a vomiter and during the transition to table food, he puked once a day at least.

I also have never once missed a diaper change that day care did :)

jerseygirl77 said...

I was pretty lazy about introducing solids to the boys. Some days I just didn't get around to giving them any. Alex wasn't even really into eating much of anything until around 8 months old anyway. (And he is a chow-hound now, so go figure!) Until they're 1, it's just about tasting and trying, so there's no point in stressing about it. :-)