Sunday, September 20, 2009

5 months, three weeks, 3 days

On Thursday I stopped breastfeeding. As the title indicates I made it almost 6 months. It was the pumping that did it. I came back from my trip and decided I had had it. Enough worrying about my supply, finding the time and energy to pump. And now? I feel like a new woman. My body was obviously ready for it as I've already gone more than 24 hours without having to pump. I have enough breast milk to get Cameron through the week or so, supplementing with some formula to get her used to it. It's absolutely wonderful to mix a bottle and not stress about her finishing it because I can't bear to waste the precious milk I worked so hard to produce.

Originally I had planned to breastfeed for a year. It was that magical mark that the World Health Organization and other bodies cite as the best time frame for breastfeeding. But once I returned to work and started pumping I quickly realized that going a year was not feasible. I am extremely impressed with mothers who can go that long. I am not one of them. Cameron was only nursing off of me in the mornings so I haven't felt the lack of closeness. I do wish I had some nice, discrete nursing photos but considering I'm usually the one behind the camera it never happened.

Some of the other benefits of not breastfeeding? DH can shoulder the morning routines. And you know what that means! More sleep for me. I can also have a couple of drinks without worrying I'm poisoning my child. I'm going to try and not be defensive about my choice to stop breastfeeding. But I've already found myself justifying it to my husband (not that he judges) and other family members. I do wonder if I hadn't struggled so much with supply issues if I could have gone longer. But the decision has been made and I am happy with it. Of course if my readers want to shower me with support, who am I to turn it down?

A happy, health baby, even on formula...


Helen said...

You have a lot to be proud of!!!!
And I LOVE the new header picture of Cameron- I see those Jenkin eyelashes:)

Amanda said...

Congrats on making as long as you did as a full time working mom. You already know how I feel about the subject. I'm glad your not beating yourself up over weening earlier than you originally planned.

confused homemaker said...

Congrats on making it past the 5 month mark. I know how hard it is to continue with work & all the other demands. Weaning sometimes happens before we plan, but like all things in life another season rolls in.