Saturday, September 26, 2009

Loving playtime

Cameron is in the midst of a marathon nap letting me edit some photos and update the blog. She has been wearing herself out with constant playing. And she is so happy doing it! Put her on a blanket and she'll roll to her heart's content. Stick her in the exersaucer and she'll happily play for up to 45 minutes. And she especially loves playing with her Daddy! I've been negligent in posting photos so here are some to brighten up your weekend.

Cameron is happy all the time.

Mommy snapped this picture just before a roll. Mixing playtime with Charlie and Daddy is pure heaven.


jerseygirl77 said...

You know, you and Mommy, Esq. have very similar looks, and I can see that Cameron and Penny have some resemblance too. Do you see it or am I just crazy?

Mommy, Esq. said...

Not sure I see the Cameron-Penny resemblance (although I think Cameron is looking more like you). Enjoy the next month or two - then the whining starts. The "I want to move myself and can't" whining. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to avoid it.