Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to Fall, where exactly did Summer go?

I can't believe that today is the first official day of Fall. It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant and eagerly counting the days down until Spring and Cameron would arrive. Of course Fall in North Carolina isn't exactly like it was in New England. For starters it's supposed to hit 80 degrees today. Surprisingly we have started to lose leaves off the trees, mostly because it has been dipping down into the 50s at night. Perfect sleeping weather.

Speaking of sleeping, Cameron is basically sleeping through the night. She still requires swaddling and the occassional pacifier insertion but she's good for 11-12 hours. Woo hoo! Of course that's probably because she doesn't nap at daycare but that's a whole other post. We had a brief blip when she came down with a cold. Normally I'm not a worrying but her weezing was troubling so I decided to hit up the pediatrician. I took her to the doctor's (yay for Sunday hours!) and found out that her weezing would go away on its own and she didn't have RSV but she had an ear infection. Uh oh. Is this the start of recurring ear infections? I hope not although I suffered from them extensively as a child. Nice to see that my months of breastfeeding helped her to avoid illness [eye roll]. It was odd because she displayed no signs of an ear infection. No rubbing. No ear tugging. Nothing. I can only hope that she reacts that well once she finally starts teething.

In other news, Cameron is slowly adjusting to formula. She definitely still prefers the defrosted breastmilk but I got her to suck down 6 oz of formula this morning. We also switched to Level 2 nipples. We only have 4 so I have to pick up more. One of the reasons I wanted to switch nipple flows is because Cameron has been reducing the amount of liquids she takes and I'm hopeful she will take more if it's less work. True, she eats 3 pretty big meals a day (usually 2 jars or one jar + equal amount of rice cereal per feeding) but she's down to 24 ounces a day. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be concerned? More importantly does less liquid mean she may stop sleeping through the night? Yes, that last one is really the most important.


LauraC said...

Alex was like that - got ear infections but no outward signs. Be thankful! When Nate got ear infections, he was up most of the night screaming.

Both N&A decreased their formula intake when they started solids, generally 24 oz. But generally bumping up to a faster flow will help also.

jerseygirl77 said...

JMHO of course, but that sounds like a lot of solids for a barely 6 month old. If she is cutting down on formula/milk in favor of solids at this point, I think I would scale back the solids.

We have had a couple of the "silent" ear infections around here too, luckily not recurrent. Josh got his very first ever ear infection (a double ear infection, in fact) right after I stopped breastfeeding. I felt really guilty about that.

A. said...

My memory is shaky, but two jars seems like a lot of food at one sitting for a six-month old. I'd suggest backing off a bit and giving her a small bottle just before the solids (so she can start to associate drinking and mealtime together).

Amanda said...

Holden dropped his liquids to 24 oz for a couple weeks but was back up shortly afterward. We do 1 small jar of fruit/veg + equal amount of rice/oatmeal 2x a day, and he takes 5-6oz bottles. We are at stage 3 (stage 2 in Dr. browns I think) anyway the 6+ month nipples and that has helped. We called the ped. when he dropped his ounces and they said to up his food b/c he might be more interested in solids. If she is still gaining weight and is happy I wouldn't worry too much.

And she should still sleep with the lesser amount of liquids, I think its a myth about the sleeping through the night. If she is full whether its bottles or solids she should be fine. BTW, congrats on the 12 hours at night.

Nicole S. said...

Ya, we went down to 24 oz. when solids foods ramped up to 3x a day. I was concerned, too, but every otehr mom I talked to had a similar experience. Cameron sound slike she is doing just fine! :)

confused homemaker said...

A dropping in ounces like the others wrote is pretty normal when solids are introduced. You can always have smaller bottles offered in more intervals if it becomes as issue of getting her to take enough throughout the day.