Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally! My loathing of exercise is (somewhat) justified

I have mentioned previously that I am not someone who finds exercise to be even remotely enjoyable. There are a hundred other things I would rather be doing which is why I just don't exercise. Then I saw this front page article on CNN with the headline, "Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin." Awesome. Yes, I realize there are other benefits to exercising. But right now I'm taking this as justification to continued exercise abstinence.

Speaking of health concerns...what's up with this swine flu vaccine? I'm hearing that the federal government might mandate it? Is anyone else concerned about the fact that this vaccine was rushed into existence and now production? I'm not sure I want Cameron to get it if there isn't sufficient evidence that it really works and there are no side effects. Thoughts from my readers?


Amanda said...

I talked to Holden's pediatrician about it and she said there isn't any word in NC about a mandate but with both Holden and Cameron in daycare they might have to get it. She said that we should wait and see how the fall goes and watch for more information on the vaccine and if piggy flu gets more severe in the area before deciding on the vaccine. The pediatricians will recommend whatever the CDC and medical associations recommend. She also said that right now if you have a healthy infant the piggy flu isn't really any worse than getting the seasonal flu, you will not want a sick infant but the chances of it being severe are not really high. However, the swine flu could mutate or the cases could start to get more severe, hence her suggestion to wait and see how the fall plays out. Call your pediatrician and ask the questions she/he should be able to answer some things for you. I'm still on the fence about giving it to Holden, just going to wait out the next few months and see when the vaccine come out, who its recommended for, and how rampant the flu is in charlotte.

confused homemaker said...

I saw an article on how large thighs were a sign of being healthy & I thought it was a Godsend, LOL.

As for the swine flu vaccine, I will not get it for my children. Neither I nor my husband will receive it either. The rushing to market is highly concerning for me from a scientific standpoint. The reality is that vaccines take longer to test via controlled scientific studies. This vaccine does not appear to have the meet the necessary requirements for being properly tested. I'm not willing to make us test mice.

LauraC said...

I'm actually less concerned about a flu vaccine because they generate a new flu vaccine every year depending on what the current strains of flu are. In general, I don't like to give my kids vaccines until there is more data (for example, we delayed Hep A bc it was new to market and we did not do the rotavirus vaccine bc it was so new) but the flu vaccine changes every year to keep up with mutations and variations in flu viruses available.